Apparatus of lies?

With the still missing evidence for the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the US government gave the US government to the loops and together with their perfected but not perfect strategic communication in a confidence crisis

It is amazing how much time the publicity and many media needed to use the US government determined by the US government determined by the war against the Iraq-determined US government for half-truths and amptions that have been bonded to factual authorities. The destiny wink of the 11.9. Rolling-purposeful, it was already clearly clear after the knocking that the war against international terrorism was initially going on the introductory entry into Afghanistan, which is mainly due to the legitimation in Afghanistan, in the Iraq and moreover. But many politicians and media liked to follow the allegations and policy of the US government and the scattered panic and, for example, to repeat that Iraq is in hand to ward off a war.

The 11.9. Had the world put in a coma. One must, from the perspective of power, admire the American government with their advisers and, above all, their media experts, how quickly and specifically the terrorist attack was exploited to the national and internationally illuminating Bush with the militar power to be available to him. Making man who can determine the stroke of the world and thus enforce the (rusts of the neo-conservatives). That in the face of this explosion power to thrive for conspiracy theories, is not surprising. In now, not only the culprits were found, but became the "reaction" On the background of several thousand stop sacrifices clamped into an alleged crusade of the good or civilized world against Bose and an American shipment order, caught by Bush as a kind of Messiah. In addition, everything happened at the beginning of the new millennium.

The US government was never really interested in the declaration of terrorist attack, but only on its exploitation by medially sent staged spectacular actions (which is certainly always what you call realpolitik). The long-prepared, Live Protected Shock-and-Awe Media War against Iraq was only the culmination of the charming campaign, during which one without concerns in the fact that the powerful and action willingness to be frozen political landscape the attacks on the rights or the many injuries or disregards of human rights and Exported to international law. Which also practiced by Ashcroft dominated nonchalant dealing with laws and rights may actually have something to do with the religious fundamentalism of the government.

It took one and a half years until the previously marginal criticism of the US government, which, in the face of the invented, at least highly highly constructed evidence for the existence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq or the connection with al-Qaeda, now finally reaches the American public, especially of the quota whistle patriotic-bushist television broadcasters. But also that in the Great Britain, the Government Course of Blair could carry so long despite a higher media clarification and strong opposition. Although most of the politicians and governments of the world as well as all other imaginations of reflection could ame bad and willing people with gross safety, that behind the Tamtam of the War Rhetorik of Bush and Co. More propaganda is a truth, many have carried out the wagous wing either from their own interests or at least not found the courage to talk tacheles. Anyone who resisted the US must (TE) with absorption.

The accessibility may also be partially – amed a goodwill – diplomatic caution, if the US government may still be able to redeem the US government even in the absence of evidence through the UN inspectors. But that too, good bela to know better knowledge, because the Bush government had previously premiered and made it clear that the USA with or without UN approval the Iraq "disarm" (Even if even before the war in the face of the case-of-the case has been switched to Operation Iraqi Freedom).

From a certain point in time, the bow is distorted

First of all, one seemed to ame that, regardless of the war of war of the "disarmament", The victory over the dictatorship and the expected enthusiastic introduction of democracy, which would be unimportant to legitimacy. Finally, the world has again released a stucco more freed (and made supposedly safer), even though it was broken with Volkerrecht and the world community of Ober’s ear. The goods for the powerful manner (and the only woman) of the world have probably not been bad and out of the most all -mailing regent of superpower and supreme commanders. But ubertolpelt and anxiously in the breast tone of the highest conviction – and always with the reference to Iraq as a regime, which is built as an apparatus of read on perfect Lug and wore (of truth and lubries) – also the US Congress and its own Population. The speech of the disarmament was, as Wolfowitz was unevenly built, economically easily suitable for war legitimation, what is called: with the instrumentalization of fear that tends to irrational aliment and panic anyway, one can enforce much easier (finally found: the truth destruction in high mobile Lugenlabor). You could also "Strategic communication" nurnal, as the Pentagon wanted to call his supposedly re-set project of a propagandabehorse.

But the accused of fraud and recessed accused of boses could now be reflected with the full absence of weapons of mass destruction and corresponding production lines. Why should one have a government, even if you may "Good" causes what is no longer so safe with the post-war experiences with Afghanistan and Iraq, giving trust if you addict this with perfidic lugs and targeted exaggerations. At some point you believe nothing more, then the initial effect by the sture repetition of the allegations can not be added anymore. And there is not only the terrorists and the boses of rogue states, but also in domestic and economic policy problems. In addition, the money does not seem to be so fast as expected from the Iraqi sources and the possibly years of occupation expensive in a household to be booked, which sinks even worse than in Germany in debt.

Meanwhile – in reality but already before the war (read the CIA report again!) – Do not even seem to be the American (and British) intelligence services would not only want to be the welcome instrument of their governments. Maybe to be torn in the swirl and to lose power in time after Bush. At least they do not seem to want to give the bubble boy they should play for Bush and Blair. Alastair Campbell, Blair’s propagandachef or strategic communication expert, seems to quickly want to want the waves smoothly by experiencing himself in a letter to the intelligence service MI6 that the Schlampig from the Internet should have underlined intelligence information about the Iraqi mass destruction weapons. Secret cut-and-paste information). Meanwhile, intelligence employees threaten more details.

Now the Pentagon secret service Defense Intelligence Agency DIA has played the collector of a report from September 2002 of a newspaper, in which there is no speech of prove that Iraq has mass destruction (very similarly, a CIA report was a CIA report), its potential statements On the way to Bush, Rumsfeld or Powell in factual authorities "translated" became).

Although this had known everything to be known, Rumsfeld and Co. had dealt with the problem in rhetorical lower flows before the war (Rumsfeld and the evidence), which goods, if the weapons are not found, and after the war hardly any more someone before dizziness of the Bush government can further aware of the eyes , the ENT-BISEXT is now attracted with every new knowledge. Also the last desperately offered "Mobile biowenary laboratories" The hopes can not be clear how to expect. Bush had also been bushed, probably on the hire of his advisers, still captured as evidence.

The way out of the browsing of the luck in front of the next elections

Now only the government actually believes in itself, which could already have some comodantic value, if it was not about the superpower and, despite everything, complex topic, are lively, despite any violations of the market of tyrants and a liberation of the people in itself a burly ared, even if there are geopolitical and economic interests behind it. However, the turns that government spokesman Ari Fleischer must fully threaten, which is thankful to the job soon to the nail, speak gang for the embarrassment not simply pushing the criticism aside (the nuclear weapons and al-Qaeda are already falling Once under the table):

We continue to trust in our allegations about the possession of Iraq of chemical and biological weapons … The precise localization, where Iraq has the chemical and biological weapons, were never clear, but the fact that you have it has never been in doubt because of a reading of intelligence information.

What can the US government do a year prior to choice, to which the team will resign Bush-Cheney to stop the erosion of believeness of believeness? Of course, the economy was then drone again, goods as a whole for forgetting many things in the world. But if this happy case does not occur and no new "Pearl Harbor" happens, what this time is unlikely to the 11th.9. Could bless against the security promising government in the sense of the "WAG-THE DOG"-Strategy with a new war a way out.

Even at CNN you started thinking about it to reject that right away. The Congress has now not agreed to a new war, at least hopes the author John Dean, a more earlier prasident consultant, until the open questions of the Iraq war are answered. But that likes, lively the Republican deputies with Bush, the 11.9. And the wars the majority achieved – and truth does not necessarily make political winners. Dean, however, means that the exercises of prasides, especially when it comes to national security, with one "Expectation on the highest mabboat of truth" accompanied. That may be an expectation of people who are guided into the war, but the story is full of indications that the facts are gladly stretched and twisted:

A prasident can not stretch, twist or vendor and thus come from. Prasident Lyndon Johnson’s Improvement of Truth Uber Vietnam notified him not to face re-election. Prasident Richard Nixon’s false allegations about Watergate forced his jerk.

Many examples So Dean does not lead to the field. Nevertheless, constellations come about, in which the twisted truths of the rulers no longer arrive because the Wahlers no longer want to carry their consequences. But Dean is probably an example for this, as is now all settled by the Bush Government, not to be drawn in the Orcus with it. He hopes, he says he hypocritically found that even weapons of weapons are found and thus the truthfulness of the government was secured, but then pays many of the facts – for example: "The Iraqi regime has and produces chemical and biological weapons. It wants to bring nuclear weapons to his possession." -, which can be used against Bush, if the evidence can not be brought about. The lack of any explanation for the gap between the allegations and reality, the mistrust became strong that the false statements of the prassident had been intended.

However, Dean also introduces an argument that the Bush Government is important for the fine security strategy that relies on pravention. The drawing of possible dangers to which you have to meet praventively, is dependent on exact information of the secret services as well as their reliability (if necessary with military violence after the Exemple Iraq). The confidence in this is now being undermined again by the jerking battle of Bush and Blair, which then also the result could have that the American burgers, but also the Allies spaterer hazard instructions no longer believe.

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