App store monopol: epic games sued next to apple also google

App Store Monopol: Epic Games sued next to Apple also Google

The game developer Epic Games sued next to Apple also Google because of monopolistic practices in his App Store. Epic Games reacts to the lock of his well-known game "Fortnite" In the app stores of the two duopolists for smartphone operating systems. Both lawsuits were introduced on Thursday at the US Federal District Court for the Northern California.

Both lawsuits are called on federal cartel law and its Californian counterpart, the California Cartwright Act. Against Apple introduces Epic ten suit points against Google Elf. The executions differ in detail, but the premieges raised are similar in the core: Apple or Google were illegally maintained their respective app sales monopoly in which they have many technical and contractual restrictions that are not more compelling.

Tenfoldening and many restrictions

Epic Games is also advocating that participation in the app stores of Apple and Google also requires the exceptionally expensive payment settlement services of the respective Group, to which in turn, numerous conditions were tabled. Apple and Google usually offset 30 percent of bonds, while other providers were satisfied with less than three percent. And while the APPLE action proposes to ban the establishment of an alternative app store, Google will be allocated that it is contractually intercepted mobile phone manufacturers to install competitive app stores on the advice.

The applications are exactly the same: the court is intended to impose the defendant to hire anti-competitive behavior and to take all necessary steps to restore competition. In addition, the clauses claimed unlawful should be declared unusual and not applicable – not only against Epic, but against all app operators. What Epic does not require exemption is compensation and punishment.

The procedures prevail EPIC GAMES V. Apple (AZ. 3: 20-CV-05640) respectively EPIC GAMES V. Google, Google Ireland, Google Commerce, Google Asia Pacific et Google Payment (AZ. 3: 20-CV-05671) and are attached to the US District Court Northern California.

  • The application EPIC Games V. Apple
  • The application EPIC Games V. Google
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