Another expo landmark

The earth spirit warns to protect nature

Even before the expo of the Expo, the "Colorful" and the ZDF rotary pattern called for selecting an Expo landmark. The pavilion of hope received most of the consent in the form of a Wales. The NDR has now also completed a survey to choose an Expo landmark with all third programs. Here the earth’s spirit of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) won. Thus, the Hannoversche Expo already has the second landmark.

The Earth’s spirit survives with its 14 meters the WWF pavilion in the middle of the Expo country. The static growing ivy resources with a bird mask symbolizes a stagnable environment, which should be made carefully on their protection. As the world’s largest environmental organization, the WWF Http: // WWW.Global200.DE / by pointing out his Expo appearance to the preservation and variety of plant and wildlife. The WWF is committed to the "Securing the permanent, natural contract use of renewable natural resources and the demand of economic processes and measures that prevent environmental pollution and the jerky exploitation and waste of resources and energy".

Around the Earth Guest, which was created by Andre Heller, will be six "World map of life" displayed. More than 135.Choose 000 puzzle stones "Quasi the Ark Noah this earth" dar. The Expo contribution should be based on the WWF initiative "Global 200" whose goal is to permanently protect 238 selected okoregions as key regions, thereby preserving 90 percent of biodiversity. To support the projects, the puzzle stones can be purchased against a donation of 200 DM each.

The earth spirit in his landmark election other candidates far behind. Among them were the postbox, the cable car or the whale. "We are pleased that people have fallen in love with our Earth’s spirit", black Ulrike Hellmessen, the head of the WWF project in the official press release of the WWF. "For the Expo motto "Human Nature Technology" we searched for a symbol that picks up and symbolizes the nature aspect. Andre Heller has succeeded in implementing our nature conservation initiative artist." From this symbol level other pavilions or Expo buildings are far away. But also from the earth spirit is not known if he will remain in Hanover after the Expo, which should also be a criterion for a landmark.

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