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The digitized journalists must be accessible from the virtual in the real world

"Did you know", The question goes to the Federal Defense Minister Rupert Scholz (CDU) in its office room on the Bonn Hardthohe – he behind his desk, the visitor in front of the guest chair with a view of Nato and federal banner -, "that they are fired? That they are no longer a Defense Minister?"

"Koch, they have grapped?", Is it back.

The eyes behind the borderless glasses are far torn. Red slides under the high hairline in the face, which is then very pale. Eben still he talked to the Federal Chancellor. Helmut Kohl did not say a word of it.

Within three hours Scholz has the confirmation, according to conventional calls with employees Kohls.

Chancellor Kohl had not kept the minister, if not in the personal foundation, so at least on the phone to put in the picture and ask him in concerety for the reason for the reason. So he was just, Mr. Kohl.

The CDU chancellor needed the job of Scholz for Gerhard Stoltenberg, the Vormann of the North German CDU. He had to take the office of the Federal Minister of Finance in the 1989, and accept him with another important ministerial item, the Ministry of Defense. For Theo Waigel demanded the Ministry of Finance for himself, which in the Cabinet’s main office in the Cabinet. Waigel had risen after the death of Franz-Josef Straub to the CSU Chairman. Cabbage wanted him to be pissed as a minister in his cabinet not rather than being pissed by the Minister Prosident Straub from Bavaria.

Scholz was the victim. He had, unlike Stoltenberg, no significant household in the CDU.

The other day you have been reviewed, the legal professor Scholz is a renowned lawyer. Scholz said he is still grateful for the warning. He was otherwise "totally cold" caught from sacking.

Why am I raising? Because we had our sources from the mirror in the narrowest circle around Kohl, among its strictest secrecy consultants and employees, our sources. Because you can not google such exclusive information. Not, even if the internet had given today, not today because in the network still no strictly confidential information can be found.

You need today the personnel contact today. You have to build that carefully, you have to care for a long breath. Until confidence already establishes between the informant and the journalist. Whose word, source protection is absolute bid for him, must never be broken under no circumstances, not under cozer in court,.

Eye rolls – that was the answer of young people when Heiner Geibler at a press conference in Berlin my new book ("The outpatient slaughterhouse or how to teach politicians again the fear", Westend Verlag) introduced and talked about my wake-up call, it would have to be more and better researched. Magazine "Cicero" I had become even more clearly in my criticism on the lack of research chef.

Anglergluck and artistspech

The applied colleagues are right: the author, no longer at the forest news front, have only a superficial insight, how hard it is in the journalist industry today. For eight hours you sit on the computer and write yourself, badly paid, the fingers wound in the infirmary online business. Or: You have developed other important skills. It is to be understood that huge amounts of data that have been folding hundred and thousands of file folders to perform on rendered information, who is which crooked dinger turn. Everything right, everything important. Although the silence is scary, which today is in too many editors of bent jerking and tunnel views in front of the screens. Fruher was gotten there a lot and laughed.

But the author also has right. The digitized journalists must be accessible from the virtual in the real world. Hajo Schumacher writes in a column over the book: "A Pladoyer for Journalism for Journalism: Go, Watch, Questions, Towards. Get to know a person every day, also on the weekend. Computer one hour outer and purely into conversation, not with phrasing powerful, but the racker in the second row.. Norbert Blum has confirmed: "Cook is paid by the most important virtues of the journalists: be flammy and brave. Research and, above all, do not bounce in front of the power."

Angela Merkel’s silhouette is to crack

Angela Merkel has made it with its strict regiment that now had hardly any interesting indiscretions from the center of power for years – from the Cabinet, from the party praisidia, from the coalition tip -. Good for democracy and their transparency is not. Fourth Violence, the press as a controller of the state power, has huge work in front of him.

Whatever Merkel’s strictly secluded trusted cake cabinet from closest confidants, it must be implemented in instructions to the ministries, to the German EU representative in Brussel, in EU-related parliamentary templates that go through the EU Bundestag Committee, in templates for the Bundesrat , the representation of the federal standards – there is a FULLE of information pipelines that are not too difficult to tap.

So do? Pure into life, people meet, even after shift ends in editorial or home office. Who says, in journalism there is the 40-hour week, had better in the city administration (maybe at the Cemetery Office?).

A few Tipps. Where to start? How about the hairdresses and jumping in the gig government coalition of CDU, CSU and SPD? On the wide range of interest in the interests, the vanity, the power greed, the rich sailing is pretty easy on gold. Why not make friends with the people who are not at the top, but still a lot of knowledge? There are many, often faight, well-informed women and manner in politics that can be misplaced. And then want to absorb at least secretly via media. Only times the ranks of the well-paid, powerful parliamentary state secretares in the ministries or the officials were carriers around the Federal President, which is represented by an observer at the cabinet table, but nothing politically important to decide. If it is about confidential cabinet templates, the good wire to Berlin lobbyists is worth a lot.

It is worthwhile to carefully raise the jealous liaison, competence farming, yes hostilities between federal ministers and their civil servants; There is often good, fat loot make. The noticeable office does not Move it, as those who intervene by the Chancellery in the Aufspolitik, and about the narrow lane diplomats of the Department of Development. Economic and Ministry of Social Affairs are in the continuous clinch, domestic and justice ministry also did not love, in the Ministry of Finance can be collected by the thickest dogs of the expenditure organizations of Agricultural or Defense Ministry.

In Hanoi and Saigon, the recently in front of the descendants of the VietCong forward. In a democratic growth, the regime invited the author to explain the functionaries, for which press spokesman in ministries should actually be good. Coarse astonishment when I warned the Zuhorer: not a very safe job. If something goes wrong, the minister pushes the blame for the speaker, who is fired first; On solidarity of the other spokesman is no ranking, always one must be on the hat in front of the illoy alitat of competing resorts.

And another tip when the computer is finally turned off: Literature and files read. Politicians and officials work to talk to journalists who have expertise and therefore ask the right questions. You do not have to worry about where the problems with the long-term care insurance or the truck toll are. And if you find themselves for cooperation with colleagues who have developed on other policy fields to experts, the better. (Cooperative journalism!) The regular view through the logs of the Bundestag is not wrong. Parliament Program Norbert Lammert complains the disinterest of the media to the debate. Franz Josef Straub Already used to spotting, if you want to keep something secret, then you have to carry it in plenary.

Do not remove blob, if it gets difficult. In the new book, I wrote who as a journalist wants to catch a thick fish, networks must spread, must already be comfortable for fishing to the river. Anglerschluck and artistspech can tend to tend. Then suddenly the own publisher on the hook fidget.

Rudolf Augstein and his mirror hung with it in the gross party donation and flick scandal, in which the financial authorities were cheated by millions of donation receipts. Over weeks, Augstein prevents the imprint of the entreatment history. He was stubborn, me too. He has finally added. Incidentally, how much money it went to this mirror affairs of the other way, one has never asked in question, despite all researchers. Sometimes it is advisable not to know everything and not to be accomplicated.

Dirk Koch has led over 25 years of the mirror capital city in Bonn and revealed the flick affairs in 1981. In February his book is "The outpatient slaughterhouse or how to teach politicians again the fear" Published in Westend Verlag.

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