“An eu under the dictation of berlin”

Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk. Photo: EPP. License: CC by 2.0

Summit demands Donald Tusks’s office against the will of the Polish government

At its summit, the 28 of the Heads of State and Government of the EU Member States leased the term of office of EU Council President Donald Tusk to 30. November 2019. Tusk received six votes more than a deflection necessary. As chairman of the summits of the 19 Euro-Lander he was also confirmed.

Before, the Polish government had the Polish MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (which as well as Tusk of oppositional Platforma obywatelska resort) nominated as counter candidates. Dub Minister Witold Waszczykowski had attempted to make the election, which Malta, that currently has the EU Presidency, rejected. Then the Polish Minister Presentess Beata Szydlo warned at the beginning of the summit, one Konne no council president elections that the support of his homeland is missing, and a deflection of TuSk’s term of office becomes the EU "destabilize".

Tusk criticized MABs of the Polish Government

Background of the rejection of the Kaschubben and former Polish ministerial prospects is its criticism of several maws of the current Polish government, which is no longer from the liberal Platforma obywatelska, but is put by the conservative pis. This evaluates the new government as a violation of neutritary duty – which Tusk looks different.

However, Tusk was the favorite of the German Federal Government and Chancellor Angela Merkel dear in a personal conversation Beata Szydlo as little as Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel at a meeting with his Polish office colleague Waszczykowski on Wednesday in Warsaw.

The representatives of Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries, who have a better ratio to the new Polish government than the German Chancellor, apparently did not want to interfere in a matter which they saw as predominantly inner-political problem, which Lithuania’s Prassidente Dalia Grybauskite open-ended. Witold Waszczykowski criticized it as undemocratic that the summit did not even want to enden the Polish counter-candidate Tusks, and said: "Now we know what that is, an EU under the dictation of Berlin". Also Jarosław Kaczynski, chairman of the Polish ruling party PIS, Tusks’s confirmation as proof of German dominance, but said, one would not leave the EU anyway.

"European perspective" For the six West Balkan Lander

The 28 Heads of State and Government Languages today over the current state of the migration crisis, the probation and economic situation, a planned free trade agreement with Japan and one "European perspective" For the six Western Balkan Lander (cf. Serbian Minister Prosident suggests Western Balkan Customs Union). Because Poland blocks, it should be instead of officials "Conclusions" In addition an informal "Conclusion" give.

Today, the summit without the British Prime Minister Theresa May continues, which is not due to the coming exit of your country from the EU to the preparations for the celebration of the 60. Jubilaum of the Romische Support participates, the 25. Marz in Rome take place. Uber May’s "Brexit" became and is officially not spoken – unofficially he was allowed to have one of the most important topics.

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