American social policy – is there something like that?

US social policy - is there anything?

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The mammoth project: the 1.2 trillion US dollar infrastructure plan and its social policy consequences. Sanders wants to believe back to a just America

The Democratic Party is ready to lose a bit closer to the social network of the American society, both with as well as without the two-party unity as sampled by biders. Also, social policy shows how far the "progressive" and the "moderate" Base within the democratic party sometimes are apart from each other.

It does not often often happen that the two coarse parties in the US are willing to demonstrate a certain MAB unity. At present, it has actually the appearance as a commodity the US Federal Government in the position to operate domestic policy.

Last Tuesday, the dream of the prassident felt. The Senate decided in rare unity after months of negotiations (69-30 votes), with votes from the democratic as well as from the Republican warehouse, a bill to finance US infrastructure with a budget of 1.2 trillion dollars.

The New Deal: More than the expansion of transport routes

The financial syringe was bitterly noticed, because the American bridges, damme and straws are in many places in such a catastrophic state that they have been a slight goal for the ridicule years ago, many late-night shows.

Prasident Biden’s new "New Deal" However, goes far beyond the receipt of transport routes. the "Infrastructure Bill" Contains Rules for Crypto Maintenance, more Americans should facilitate access to broadband internet and enhancing the entry of electrical school buses. In addition, the new law is finally the problem of racist discrimination by infrastructural disadvantage of marginalized groups.

The political price

So far so good. However, such a clear two-party voting result also has its price. Thus, some of the social legislation, which once adhered to the bill, probably fell victim to the negotiations with the Republicans.

The large defeat for all who hope for more welfare state is the deletion / shortness of the desired help (in high 400 million US dollars!) For the care of old and people with disabilities.

The progressive aircraft of the Democrats was allowed the acid to dissipate, not to mention a change in the bill in just the resulting additional costs. Recently, Joe Biden had claimed he wanted to raise the money through an increase in commercial contract tax.

Now the legislators should be in other ways, such as Via Importing new bonds for so-called "Superfund" and the redirection of already approved funds for the evidence of the Covid pandemic, which enforce money financially, which is financially needed such a ambitious project.

In order to pacify the progressive aircraft and others, the Democrats not quite unimportant, political goals yet, the party decided last Wednesday, as part of a budget resignation in the Senate, the 60 vote majority prescribed in the Senate, and thus the Republicans to bypass.

The budget setting is not a law, but at least 3.5 trillion US dollars for such lever goals such as the evaluation of climate change, a reform of immigration policy and for universal preschool care.

Bernie Sanders: Again a fair america

The chairman of the committee and "Progressive Leftist Poster Boy", Bernie Sanders, explained "Such a program was not only helped children, their parents and the ancient, but also to make people to believe in an America, whose government for all and not only for a few work".

The Republican Minority Guard Senator Mitch McConnell was appalled by the donority of Democrats and warned, "The juvenile tax and the high expenses will come like a hammer on the middle-layer families".

Despite these well-known republican skepticism against any social policy and the tendency, instead on completely refused models like "Tricke-down economics" However, McConnell had also voted in favor of the infrastructure plan. It should be kept in accordance with the Senate’s self-proclaimed man, that he has through this voting against the will of the ex-prassident and future Republican Prasidental Candidate Donald Trump.

Perhaps a kind of promacy is created, which in the future more Republicans allowed to deviate from the line Trumps. Said ex-prasident responded predictable and promptly with personal attacks on Mitch McConnell.

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