Also youtube blocks accounts of identiterren

Also Youtube blocks accounts of identiterren

YouTube has blocked three accounts of the right-wing extracemen Identiste Movement (IB). Among them is also the personal channel of the Easter-Rich activist Martin Sellner, as a YouTube spokesman on Tuesday. On the weekend Twitter Sellner’s account already closed. Facebook and Instagram have long been banished by their platforms.

The YouTube spokesman did not want to go on the concrete race for the blocking. He referred to the terms of use of the service. Who calls the channel, gets the hint: "This account has been announced as it has violated the YouTube Terms of Use." Sellner expert on his homepage, he will "defend legally against these groundless blocks".

Sellners YouTube channel last around 100.000 subscribers, on Twitter was followed by almost 40.000 users. The IB speaks against multicultural societies and disseminates right-wing extreme conspiracy myths. In Germany, the group is observed from catching protection. Around 600 members numbers in this country to the IB. However, the IB are now not completely disappeared from Youtube, for example, there are still a general channel of the right-wing extremists and other channels, even Sellner themselves can be seen on Youtube still in moving pictures to see and horen. (With material of the DPA/

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