Alexis tsipras is new and youngest premier of greece

Alexis Tsipras is new and youngest premier of Greece

Alexis Tsipras becomes head of government. Image: w. AsWetsopoulos

Samaras is a bad loser

In an urgent campaign, Alexis Tsipras has made the course for a new government in the night of Monday. Immediately after the outgoing parliamentary project Evangelos Meimarakis announced the state-prassident Karolo’s Papoulias the official message from the official final result of the vote for the parties, Tsipras hurried to prasident and dear sworn away. However, the advancement from the process of Antonis Samaras was anything but smooth.

A donation from the sweaty to the young wild

Normally, it is clear that the outgoing Premier is waited in his headquarters in his official residence and welcomed the superiling successor, leading him through the rooms and adopted with a laughing of his life with power. Of course, this does not mean that it is easy to go to the outcomers, nor that all the bose words of the election campaign and the time are forgiven and forgotten. This also applies in Greece, where the word election of politicians in the Rededuellen, compared to the UNBILE PRCEDERE, the limits of insult regularly exceeds the limits.

"The high priest of corruption", was the name that Kostas Karamanlis opens up his process of Kostas Simitis at every opportunity. The two politicians also buried today, though they never became friends.

Karamanlis himself was drawn by his successor Giorgos Papandreou (life in the madhouse) more than once through the cocoa. The photo with the friendly office gave there was still. And although Papandreou especially in the past election campaign but also more than once emphasized that he was toted by intrigues, he had cute and friendly at Loukas Papademos. About the interim spremer used as the administrator, the home camp for the office of the Premier came to Antonis Samaras in June 2012. Today his days were paid in office.

Alexis Tsipras had already envisioned coalition negotiations prior to worshiping the official final result. Still on the night of choice, just after three o’clock, laughed through that TsiPras agreed with Panos Famamos by the independent Greeks. The left came with the Burgical Right Party, to sell the deal on Monday morning. Actually dear Tsipras Kammenos the instance. The strongest party thus gave the sixth parliamentary force the opportunity to jerk into the limelight. "Greece has a prime minister now", cheered fast and shortly after ten in the morning.

At about four o’clock in the night, the last journalists were deducted from the party centers. At that time, the chief bury burned light. When and whether Tsipras or he found sleep, was not known. Instead, there was a diary. At two o’clock Tsipras wanted to visit the Archbishop Athens so that this could be prepared gently on a novelty. Tsipras denied the religious Eid. He had already terminated his swearing at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Ergo moved the entire availability journalistschar towards Prasident’s Palace in the Herods Atticus Strain. The Athenian government district has some location advantages. Thus lies the official building of the Premier, the Megaron Maximos only of a small stitching street separated next to the Prasident’s Palace.

When passing the Megaron Maximos all journalists could see that the entrance storm was open despite the winter. Nobody MAB is particularly important to this circumstance, because first of all, the novelty, the swearing of a prime for a prime with a civil, non-religious eident formula, was on the program. In a good mood, Tsipras velvet appeared. All men were without ties. The actual sworn was over quickly. The Prasident, who has been in office since 2004 and had to swear the sixth premier, set his signature under a document. Tsipras was allowed to sign and Greece has since the first chosen, left prime minister.

Prasident Karolos Papoulias after the swearing. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Not even soap in the toilets

Actually, the office of office should then be done with Samaras. So it sees the political protocol and the worldwide practiced tradition. When leaving the Prasident’s Palace, the journalists at Megaron Maximos still saw a few employees Samaras. "There is no transfer, it’s over", they learned.

What happened? Samaras had not appeared. The old government has released the new a completely leered office. All desks are empty. Hard disks were removed from the computers, the file was hunted by the friction molding. Last week, Samaras had to shop new shredders because the old whether the continuous operation had failed. "There was not even soap in the toilets", complained to a staff Tsipras.

The Nea Dimokratia looked different. Georgos Mouroutis, Samara’s Personal Press Attache, accused Syriza of the Luge. The counteremeni followed from the mouth of Nikos Pappas, the youthful stripping puller and designated State Secretar von Alexis Tsipras.

In short, in the middle of the negotiations with Troika, the new premier did not give informal. The symbolism that is a civilized office of office is no more and no less than the constancy of a state. The bad loser Antonis Samaras had no other gesture to make this way as with this type of transmission. For the elections than Brussel’s press-friendly press spokesman of the party in the European Parliamentarian Maria Spyraki countered that TsiPras has forfeited his right to criticize the right of office because of the refusal of the ecclesial EIDS.

Samaras leaves the bean. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Further transfers will follow

Maybe the new ministers are sworn in on Tuesday. By merging ministries, Tsipras liked his cabinet tight and make it more effective. But also here is conflict because the NEA Dimokratia self-employed minister lost its place of parliament.

Infrastructure Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis From the Pasok, it has caught as well as, for example, the former Minister of Interior and Spokesman of the Nea Dimokratia Giannis Michelakis. Katerina Papakostas flies as an incumbent state counterpart in the Ministry of Health from Parliament. Interior Minister Argyris Ntinopoulos of the NEA Dimokratia, who still wanted to be governed as a ruling special rights for unemployed (Greece is a new crisis), can now be described as unemployed without shame and lug. From the chamber of the journalists he was excluded because of his social skaring. There are no parliamentary transitional funds that fall politicians if they do not come from rich or according to networked families, more or less to the bottomless.

That on the 5. February constituent plenary will be the first parliamentary and democratically chosen since 1923, which has no Papandreou in his ranks. Giorgos Papandreou, the Fruhere Premier, failed with his new party at the three percent hurde.

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