Union and Grune lose after the Germany trend, most popular are Schauble, De Maiziere and Steinbruck

At some point is a conclusion. Helmut Kohl has at least 16 years old, Schroder only 7 years. Maybe the success of Angela Merkel and its black-yellow group is now also paid. But what comes then?

So far, Merkel and the Union were relatively without prejudice to the crash of Liberals around Westerwelle and his Boy Group. But now, despite or faster, the energy policy turning to break the credits of the blacks also. Still, they lose only one percent at the Germany trend, but with 32 percent they come to the annual low. The FDP dumpes at 5 percent, is hardly parliamentary. This gives 37 percent for the government. Majorities look different.

However, the great flight of the green is also over. They lose a point and sink to 23 percent, while the SPD admits a point to 26 percent. The lately flashless left remain at 8 percent, but were not needed for a red-green government. The just is the problem of the left you share with the FDP.

The Germans seem to make it austere and real political to MOGE. Although the liberals want to score again with tax reliefs, but they nerve many, as is the case with small children. In fact, the idea of implementing tax cuts, at the FDP electives, least incurred in the green electors. Overall, 24 percent of tax cuts, 70 percent have rather reduced new debt. To a clear relief, only 2 percent believe anyway.

Best cutting black and de Maiziere. The one stop of tax reliefs nothing, the other is illusless real politician. At third place in the popularity comes SPD politician Steinbruck (the sudden disappearance of the initiative Financial State Germany). It is commonly attested to have acted well and dominated in the financial crisis as a finance minister, which has run behind the bean, does not seem to be right (the sudden disappearance of the Finance State of Germany). The FDP politicians definitely remain loser. The change from Westerwelle to Rosler was not successful. Trittin, Kunast, Gabriel and Gysi lay too, Steinmeier, Merkel, Rosler, Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger or Westerwelle lose in popularity.

It is interesting that the German burgers are anticipated rather rather for debt reduction than for tax reliefs. So the liberals together with some union politicians have hurried. Your realitate blindness costs voices. Merkel also loses popularity. The people ruid that they do not know what she is standing, and that they ruler ruled after surveys as after their convictions. But maybe it’s just awarded to have no political convictions? And what was the goods when the Union with the greats was a pact? If the turnout was further sinking, because then nothing pays?

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