Afghanistan: the buhmann

Afghanistan: The Buhmann

Afghanistan Prasident Ashraf Ghani. Image:

Prasident Ghani is at the top of a fundamentally corrupt system, whose part he has never been

For about two years, Afghanistan’s Prasident Ashraf Ghani is in office. After farming his process Hamid Karzai, the hope of many Afghans was roughly. Ghani presented a contrast to the political establishment in Kabul. As a scientist and former university professor, he had nothing to do with the war of the last decades and hardly in common with those warlords who contributed a lot to destroy the country.

When Afghanistan was haunted by the war in the 80s and 90s, Ashraf Ghani was in the United States. After graduating from his studies, he went to teaching. His focuses on political science and anthropology. Ghani was considered a theorist who had idea about his subject. Over time, he became tiant, among other things, for the World Bank.

For his Afghan homeland, Ghani always had a vision. Approaches were about in his scientific publisher "Fixing Failed States", which he released together with his colleague Clare Lockhart clearly. After the NATO invaded in Afghanistan, Ghani returned together with other intellectuals from the exile. As she had also made himself, the "Liberate home" to bring to the right way.

Choleriker and pragmatists

This happened at first by means of 2002 to 2004 in Karzai Administration as Finance Minister Tatig. Already during this period, Ghani made it clear that he does not stand much of corruption, which many of his colleagues were anything but liked. At that time, like today, Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt states in the world. According to Hamid Karzai, Ghani made a number of enemies during his time as Finance Minister. In addition, his choleran species that many failed and would give him later problems.

After his time at the Ministry of Finance, Ashraf Ghani once again took a role that fitted far more to him: he was appointed Chancellor of the Kabul University. In 2009 he punched himself for the first time as a prassidal candidate, but subjected massive. Hamid Karzai was able to decide a head-to-head race with Abdullah Abdullah, his former sword, for himself. The reproach of the electoral fraud was in the room.

In 2014, the end of the Karzai-Ara was imminent and Ghani joined again. In order to address the Pashtun majority of the country, Ghani took his tribal name Ahmadzai, which he does not bear anymore. During his election campaign, the former university professor presented itself as a pragmatic. This became clear, for example, when he became the famous-baptized Uzbek Warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, the Ghani itself before "killer" denoted to his vice-language candidate appointed. Dostum militias are known for it, civilians, especially Pashtun, to hunt. But for Ghani it was suddenly no problem, someone from that warlord system he has despised to integrate into his team.

Unpopular on all sides

After a controversial breaking election and twice the intervention of US-Foreign Minister John Kerry, Ashraf Ghani was appointed successor to Karzais. A so-called "Government of national unity" was educated. For his dissatisfied counterparty, Abdullah Abdullah, a new post was created during this time. Abdullah became CEO Afghanistan, a kind of government leader whose function is de facto in Afghan term. To this day, many Afghans make fun of their striking fleeting duo.

Especially in recent months, the internal criticism of Ghani was always louder. Again and again it strolled, Ghani was not created for the post of prasident, rule increasingly autoritar and have no understanding for criticism. While Hamid Karzai is about for every single one – from simple farmers to the powerful warlord – Time took the time to drink hours, Ghani has barely received someone. An influential warlord, he should once again have sent out after fifth few minutes. Trusted Ghanis keeps emphasizing that the prasident’s schedule is full. According to several statements, the 67-year-old is considered Workaholic, which partly works eighteen hours a day.

Other politicians around Ghani, however, have less and less understanding. Viceprasident Dostum, for example, recently asked himself, which his function was in the government, during government leader Abdullah claimed to have not spoken with Ghani for weeks. "The Prasident has no time for us", Check the tenor of the complaints. Added to this is Ghanis Choleran style, which is now horrified journalists.

"After a few critical questions, the prasident treated me like a little school boy. He was dropping and meant to maintain myself in front of all colleagues", Does about a journalist of an international news agency. Together with other foreign rapporteurs, he was invited to a briefing in the Prasident’s Palace.

Victim of the system?

In any case, the international press has recently turned to Ghani. The prestigious "new Yorker" For example, the Afghan Prasident devoted a detailed, critical portray, during the "Washington Post" Finally came that Ghani "One of many problems Afghanistan" may be.

For the Taliban is Ghani "Even worse than Karzai", as they announced shortly after his inheritance. The main reason for this was the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the USA, Ghani’s first official action. Among other things, the agreement envisages to maintain the impunity of US soldiers in Afghanistan and to tolerate nightly specials.

In addition, the action of Hamid Karzai, Ghani’s process. Because though this de facto no longer has a political role, he continues to have a statesman – and criticizes Ghanis government in all publicly. Observers believe that Karzai is planning a return to politics.

Ashraf Ghani is considered absolute Buhmann these days. Both the political elite and the simple people are responsible for the Afghan misery. In this context, however, you have to ask yourself how the situation on Hinduchusch had changed by another state of state, for example Abdullah Abdullah, to the positive.

In all the partly legitimate criticism of Ghani, however, is one under: Afghanistan’s opposite Prasident sits on a coarse heap of problems he has not to answer for. Ghani is at the top of a fundamentally corrupt system, whose part he has never been. And the idea of dominating or even dominating such a system from the inside is convicted of failure.

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