Afghanistan more than ever “failed state”

The Afghanistan, once as a model for their exit policy, continues to sink in chaos, while an opium recorder was retracted; German soldiers are badly rusted for upcoming struggle

The German Government is committed to participating in Lebanon at the UN Mission. As a precaution, only marine units are to be used. Here is the probability of being involved in strugs. German soldiers are in Kosovo (2.900) and Bosnia (880), but also on the Horn of Africa (260) and Congo (760), where you do not know how the situation will become there. Above all, but are about 2.600 soldiers in Afghanistan. There you had hurried to go to the Safe North. But the reality of the Failed State, not very changed by the military fall of the Taliban regime, will draw the German soldiers of Fruher or later in the war. For this they are badly outlined, which will not be responsible if the participation in the Lebanon peace mission is now on 2.000 man should be increased.

In August 2002, US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said in preparation for the Iraq war and in overlooking the success in Afghanistan:

Wouldn’t IF Be a Wonderful Thing IF IRAQ Were Similar to Afghanistan, IF A Bad Regime What Thrown Out, People Were Liberated, Food Could Come In, Borders Could Be Opened, Repression Could Stop, Prisons Could be opened? I Mean, it would be fabulous. The Idea That Afghanistan Should Be Hero Up As Something That One Toold Not Want To Have Happen Is Just Exactly Opposite from the Truth. Afghanistan is a model of what can be peple and people bee liberated and begin to try it allowed to vote and peple are’t Allowed to Work WHO Weren’t Allowed to Work. IT IS A BREATHTAKING ACCOMPLYMENT.

In the summer of 2002, US Deputy Presenter was also working for the war and painted the manan cheerful Iraqis, where you have to ask yourself if the powerful people at the top of the US policy may actually have thought so simple:

Some Have Argued That To Oppose Saddam Hussein Would Cause Even Greater Troubles in That Part of the World, and interference with The Larger was Against Terror. I Believe the Opposite is true. Regime Change in Iraq Would Bring About A Number of Benefits to the Entire Region. When The Gravest of Threats Are Eliminated, The Freedom Loving People’s Region Will Have A Chance to Promote The Values That Can Bring Lasting Peace. AS for the Reaction of the Arab "Street," The Middle East Expert, Professor Fouad Ajami, Predicts That After Liberation, in Basra and Baghdad The Streets Are "Sure to erupt in Joy in The Same Way The Throngs in Kabul Greeted the Americans." … in Other Times The World Saw How The United States Defeated Fierce Enemies, Then Helped Rebuild Their Countries, Forming Strong Bonds Between Our People’s and our Governments. Today in Afghanistan, The World is Seing That America Acts Not to Conquer But to Liberate, and Remains in Friendship to Help The People Build A Future of Stability, Self-Determination, And Peace.

In 2004, US Prassident Bush Afghanistan and Iraq designated as models for the entire region:

Not Long Ago, Outlaw Regimes in Baghdad and Kabul Threated The Peace and Sponsored Terrorists. Thesis regimes Destabilized One of the World’s Most Vital – and Most Volatile Region. They Brutalized Their People, In Defiance Of All Civilized Standards. Today, The Iraqi and Afghan People Are on the Path to Democracy and Freedom. The Governments That Are Rising Will Pose No Threat to Other. Instead of Harboring Terrorists, They’re Fighting Terrorist Groups. And This Progress Is Good for the Long-Term Security of Us All. … thesis two nations wants to be a model for the broader middle east, a region where millions have been denied basic human rights and simple justice.

US Prassident on 31. August: "The War WE Fight Today is More Than A Military Conflict; it is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st Century."Image: WEITS HOUSE

Now the praise strategy sounds very different for the long war. It is no longer about the positive dominotory, according to which the other states of the region follow the countries freed from the USA on the way to democracy and free market economy, but in the case of Afghanistan again or in the case of Iraq for the first time to be astutzpoints of authoritaren Islamist regimes could become. Another victory now prokel proclaimed has now followed a further victory, but now is now called to avert the defeat that threatens to come in the former model states. Bush in his radio response on the weekend, with which he returned to the politics of fear:

IF AMERICA WEY TO PULL OUT BEFORE IRAQ CAN DEFEND ITSELF, THE CONSEQUENCES Would be Disastrous. We would be handing iraq over the terrorists, Giving Them a Base of Operations and Hoge Oil Riches to Fund Their Ambitions. And WE Know Exactly Where Those Ambitions Lead. IF WE Give Up The Fight in The Streets of Baghdad, We Will Face The Terrorists in The Streets of Our Own Cities. The Security of the Civilized World Depends on Victory in The War on Terror, And That Depends on Victory in Iraq, says America’s Notting Notting Until Victory is Achieved.

While in Afghanistan just violent strugs romp, which Taliban has recovered again, the political system has underwented by Warlords, provincial and drugstanders, Iraq slipped into the burger war. Economical is – despite the potential ol-wealth in Iraq – not much happening, the further existing poverty and the coarse uncertainty are the people to the criminal organizations, militias or armed groups. In the Foreign Policy index of "Failed States" both landing at the 10 unstable. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. After the "liberation" of the respective regimes, a political class was established in both cases from above, without previously asking a political peace and integration process to unify factions and quickly reconstruction and creating workplaces.

In Afghanistan, the Bush promised, with the Marshall-Plan, quickly became faltering, the funds in Iraq seized in corruption and security. In Iraq, they were first rather on the Kurds and Shiites, in Afghanistan, they had already cooperated in the war with Warlord, which were simplified in parliament. In both countries there are heavily guarded Green Zones, in Afghanistan is actually just Kabul a thanks to the foreign troops relatively secured island in the country. In the meantime, the Afghan Campers imported the strategies tested in Iraq against foreign dispute, while the resistance becomes broader. In the southeast of the country prevails as in the Sunni triangle, states have formed themselves in the state. Daily, there are fighting, the foreign troops react primarily through short-term military operations and through aircraft, which increases the number of toten and injured civilians and the emission of destruction and increasingly drives people into the hands of the uprising and warlords.

Five Years Ago Iraq and Afghanistan Were Both in The Grips of Violent, Merciless Regimes. Now they have democratically-elected governments, The Dictators Are Gone, and 50 Million People Are Awakening to A Future of Hope and Freedom.

US Vice Presenter Dick Cheney on 29. August

The location is also control

The poppy seed and opium production, after being backed up by the Taliban regime, has become the main product of the Afghan economy, which otherwise hangs on the drip of the help from abroad. It is treasons that at least 35% of the gross national product come from drug trafficking. In all provinces of the country’s poppy is grown again, more than ever before. The country is economically dependent on the opium and is therefore even more in the claws of local militias that controls its areas, but also protect and secure the access of the central power to the emptiness, prevent the construction of a legal system and do anything To maintain your power and arrears.

According to the report of the Office on Drugs and Crime of the United Nations, the Opium harvest increased by 50% in the previous year this year. In 2005, it was still hoped because this year was less than grown in the years to reverse the trend, which proved to be too optimistic, as last year, the Taliban or Neo-Taliban groups are strengthened again. More Opium As 2006 has never been produced in Afghanistan, which is at the top worldwide and practically owns a monopoly. 92% of the opium come from Afghanistan, 2006 will be over 6.000 tonnes, more than consumed worldwide. Before the Taliban got the opium cultivation, the record was in 1999 at 4,600 tonnes. Meanwhile becomes 400.000 Hectare poppy grown, last year it was only 260.000 hectare. Antonio Maria Costa, the director of the UN authority, called the figures "alarming", which also prove that the mains against the cultivation did not make up, even if in 2006 the number of destroyed poppy fields has become gross in the previous year.

For the increase, Costa also stated that in the south of the country, the main construction area, the Taliban have established more and more. Presumably, it is an interaction. The poppy seed brings a lot of money in the poor country and demands the emergence of criminal or non-governmental structures as well as state corruption, while the uprising or militias, the areas and smuggling paths control, benefit from drug trafficking, which can preach the protection of protection and further demand the cultivation. Costa said the situation is "auber control".

It is currently foreseeable that Afghanistan continues to slide into the chaos and thus the northern provinces are more uncertain. The German soldiers must therefore not only be prepared to prevent the other ISAF-associated associations in the Suods, but also increasingly attacked in the north and to be involved in combat actions. According to a report by the Fuhrungstabs V of the Ministry of Defense, which the world has received, the Bundeswehr for this "acute threat", which sees the lodging rod realistic, but poorly erupted. The number of connection takes, according to the report, as well as the "dispatch and dissatisfaction of the population", during the "influence of former warlords and the organized criminal titat" and one "Acute threat through violent force" To a "fundamental change of the situation" drove.

For better protection, a "armored reserve", consisting of fox’s guardians, should now be stationed in Mazar-i-Sharif. In addition, for patrols should be more geland vehicles of the type "wolf" be used. However, Fuchs and Wolf were no sufficient protection against mines and shelling, the report warns: "It can not be accepted that the troupe is equipped with insufficient or unused vehicles." The Employment Command had also requested Tornado aircraft for explaining, as the drones are not enough. However, this has rejected General Inspector Wolfgang Schneiderhan. But not only in the vehicles, the soldiers are little sure, the German camps also offer no protection as it is called in the report: "The threat of shelling with artillery records and Morsergranates can currently not effectively counteract the German commitment quota in Afghanistan." Main reason: lack of money. Precar is about the stuffing point Feisabad. He has to be supplied from the air, but the German transall machines and CH 53 helicopters are old and immaculatively, so that in a conflict case the soldiers were placed alone for more long time.

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