Adhesive rate: offset due to malicious election documents postponed

Adhesive rate: offset due to malicious election documents postponed

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Easter-rich state printer should work more reliable than the previously commissioned company

The Osterreichian Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Sobotka officially announced noon today that the repetition of the Federal President Stitch Choice, the for the 2. October was suspended, because after intensive consultations with the faction leaders of the parties, civil servants and professional jurists came to a conclusion that due to malicious postal ballot documents one "Impeccable and legally compliant choice" can not be guaranteed for this appointment. Therefore, the National Council is intended tomorrow in a special agreement a law on the shift to the 4. Decembered.

In addition, the OVP politician recommended the National Council to formulate the law so that the electoral registries are updated from the first ballot in the early year, because since then, numerous burgers died and others reached the elections at 16 years. Also paying out the postal voting votes on the electoral sunday instead of the day afterwards, he stops for a desire.

# Glue grate and a pragmatic but unlawful advice

Before the shift, numerous postwaxes had reported, in which the adhesives are lost to the letter selection cowvers. Non-bonded letter selection coverts can in Austria drove that voices become disagree because then a manipulation is no longer excluded (cf. Have elections sooner works better?To). The official electoral hotline of the Ministry of Interior had affected electors – pragmatic but unlawful – to adhere damaged envelopes with glue stick – but so that it is it "not sees that something was manipulated". In social media, the Hashtag # Adhesive rate – users wondered, among other things, if the adhesive on the election posters probably wondered better than the on the envelope and took bets, whether Austria has a federal prosecident before in Berlin The airport is ready – or vice versa.

That the breakdown is not repeated, sobotka wants to ensure that this time no private, but the state printer with the production of the documents is commissioned. Whether the Easter State can be reimbursed a part of the cost of two million euros for the redial of the printing company, which provided the damaged envelopes, is currently undergraded. Media reports after the company made in the last business year 840.000 Euro loss, which is why a claim for damages could not end in a corresponding payment, but in a reliability.

The two Prasidental candidates accept the shift – albeit with different willingness. Norbert Hofer, who currently runs in the surveys, wondered at an election campaign in the Oberosterreichian catfish on the weekend, why the also damaged postal elections for the district representative election in Vienna-Leopoldstadt up to 18. September can be exchanged, while you want to move the appointment for the Federal Presidential Choice – and whether there are actors who "Interest in a later election date" to have.

Hofer advertises for laws with expiration date, core for an EU investment program

Whether a long election campaign is more likely to use the Freedom Hofer or rather the former Grunen boss van der Bellen, depends on what happens in time until election date and what the candidates and their supports are attributable. Hofer does this currently with the proposal, controversial laws with one "Expiry Date" to provide. At the end of the time limit, Parliament was able to identify with such laws how the regulation has an effect in practice, and decide with appropriate more informed knowledge. In addition, the candidate provided the liberal to teach between Russia and the US in the event of an election victory.

In the camp of established Federal Chancellor Christian Kern with a hundreds of billions of euros serious EU investment program points in the electors. In a now published guest contribution for the Frankfurt General Zeitung (FAZ), he diagnosed "Faith in the prosperity promise of the European agreement" have "consistent" Under the austerity of recent years suffered, which is why much more will be invested by MUSSE as the currently planned 315 billion euros. Easter-rich media see a further rebound by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who after the ORF "Essential for the austria is responsible".

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