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Are also blocked by the US militar some critical websites by filters for the soldiers?

If some people talk about a paradigm shift after soldiers with their digital cameras in war and conflict zones make more pictures and, above all, the photographs and videos of abuses from the Abu Ghraib fehrnis to the open of US soldiers came from US soldiers, so that’s rather to designate as one of the usual, maneuvering abilities. Months took it until the pictures were played the media. Internet usage of the US soldiers is naturally controlled, which is why the images did not get the Internet to the openness and only "harmless" Find pictures made by US soldiers.

Forbidden is the possession of digital cameras from the Pentagon obviously not. However, there was clear instructions before the war, which may not be photographed. For example, injured and dead Iraqis and coalition troops, certain zones or scenes that could happen where troops are in use or what they are projecting. What you find on the net are therefore predominantly pictures of everyday life of the soldier life (the digital cameras are always there). They open up about opposite photos, which were made in World War II or in Vietnam War, no new transparency. Also, the – possible – blogs of soldiers in action are not exactly criticized against the Pentagon or the US government.

The photos and videos from Abu Ghraib were, as far as a woman, is not distributed over the Internet, but on CD-ROMs or other storage media by hand. Also as a screen background, some photos were used, which testifies that the soldiers apparently do not be afraid to be punished for that. And this internal use is how to recognize at the long delay time, but also something else than if you have been previously published before media you have distributed uncontrolled over the Internet.

I am Finally Home!!!!

What Does This Mean For You Reader? Well, It Means That I Can Finally Talk About What Just What We’ve Been Doing For The Past Year (IF Anyone Is Still Interested). Without HAVING TO MASK IT in Vague Innuendo for the Sake of Security.

Whosyourbaghdaddy.Blog City.COM /

As it has been shown again, the internet usage of the soldiers stationed in Iraq will greatly monitor and surfing unused pages is blocked. That’s hardly surprising, because even in other abords of Gang and gift, it may be strangely that some web pages seem to be blocked, which contain critical information, but are not relevant to militarically and also not the otherwise conventional categories like porn, chucks – or hate pages accompanied. However, there was recently the statement from the Pentagon that religious of the militar does not download the Taguba report on the abuses in Abu Ghraib or look at it, because it was unofficially published by the media (worse comes). The fact that soldiers have overhauled and especially on military computers only enrolled burger rights is clear, but let them know about politics as soldiers.

After all, the operator of the government-critical website The Memory Hole went to the mail of a soldier stationed in Iraq, which pointed out that they are blocked and thus not accessible:

Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

YOUR REQUEST WHAT DENED BECAUSE OF ITS Content Categorization: "Extreme; Politics / religion"

For Assistance, Contact Your Network Support Team.

How a blogger has figured out both the Army and the Air Force Filter U.a. the smart filter, but also other filters like Websense. The Memory Hole is under smart filters "Politics / Opinion" or "Politics / religion" arranged, in other filters also under "Violence", "News" or "News and Media". It is possible to classify a combination of search engines. Whether the blockade has been made by the militar or comes from a filter vendor, which sometimes undermine errors or are tired, do not say. Probably commanders on many levels over this have the possibility of blocking access, as is the practice in the Air Force nearby. The website Electronic Iraq was also affected after a UPI message from a blockade for certain units in Iraq.

However, there is no general picture. An US soldier writes in a comment that there is no censorship at all, but that is obviously nonsense:

I Am AT A Military Base in Baghdad, and I Can Are You that all of the Web Sites We See in The USA ARE AVAILABLE TO THE SOLDIERS. It is ludicrous to think they would be want to try and censure the web. There Are Are Television Sets All Around With Continuous News Coverage. Some Have Sky News Others Have CNN. The Only "censorship" IS IF A Soldier Is Killed, The Phones The Soldiers Use to Call Home On, Are Turned Off So That The Next of Kin Is Not Tipped Off About Their Loss. This is a Very Serious Event That Needs to be handled by Trained Personnel.

Another comment is very different:

My Cousin Cory, Has Been in Irag Since Last March. HE CAN’t Access Any News Sites. HE CAN ONLY REALLY GET TO HIS Email. He Said, They Do not Want The Troops Getting the Wrong Information…

In the blog boing construction, however, is reported on another strange blockade, which, however, should it be true, after all, makes it clear again that all Internet traffic is controlled. A reader has sent his sister who works in a military hospital of the Army, the link to the story about the Man Who Could Make Make Art in Cappuccino from bootboing. But he was allegedly not opened by her, as error message appeared:

Problem report. Request Cannot Be Processed. Problem Cause – A Communication Error Occurred: "Operation Timed Out." Note: If the Request What Due To The Content Filter Configuration. The Content Category Reported Is Gen. News. Possible Solution IF You Feel This Site What Blocked in Error, Please Contact the Helpdesk at DSN 371-2098 or Send to email to. IMD Help Desk.

Warning! All Web Activity is Logged and Monitored by IMD. Unauthorized Use of Government Information Systems May Lead to Disciplinary Action Or Prosecution.

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