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Stuttgart, 10. July 2013 – Actually, I had sworn to the e-Miglia, never to drive in unsuitable landscape electric vehicles. What to find out about the vehicle there is clearly identified stressed home in the armchair by calculations from the basic course Physics. Nevertheless, I am now Volkswagen e-up in the rather unsuitable mountainous Montafon driven, because I promised the career VW engineer that we on the 50 km long circular route "go normally" can. Such a full comprehensive promise is very good for me as a German, and not to have any unnecessary tension: the range of the vehicle is itself in the mountains, even at normal ride still at around 100 km (16 ° – 26 ° C Auber temperature).

More precisely, the Montafon may not be so unsuitable, an E-vehicle before existing, because there are very many restrictions to 60 km / h, to 70 or 80, but rather a few normal 100 km / h sections. That’s good for the e-up, because exactly enough 100 km / h is already just about the well-being boundary of the powertrain. In OkoPlus mode, the car is not 100, but regulates at 95 km / h already. In normal operation, he does that at 135 km / h (in some details are 130 km / h). Noteworthy on the test drive was the compared to the Nissan Leaf (24 kWh) or Mitsubishi i-MiV (16 kWh) lane-bearing high efficiency of the drive. Of course, the Montafon is slow, but slowly we drove on the E-Miglia too. To protect my thesis: In the efficiency of the Silvretta E-Rally, three of the four first place on e-ups went (the remaining went to the VW XL1). In practice on the mountain, the battery level indicator was still under 20 percent after 118 km. This means: Volkswagen’s range (160 km) for the e-up with its 18.7 kWh battery is in round, but normal driving style in normal landstream speeds in the summer (the modifiers collect themselves …) Almost realistic. More Modifiers: I almost driven out of normal mode, in the warm valley with air conditioning. Normally.

Optimize on the driver

The drive efficiency is achieved on the one hand by known maws: narrow, hard inflated, grip arms lightweight tires, swirling arms, quiet full panel. But that also make others. No, the main component on saving is the driver, and therefore the rich-widget feature of e-up is its operator. That already starts at the above-mentioned basic design.

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