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The Board of Directors of Uber has to prompted after the investigation of sexism and discrimination a package of counterclaims decided, but will not be unavailable on Tuesday. The proposal of the Investigation Commission under the leadership of the Fruheren US Secretary of Justice Eric Holder had been adopted unanimously, the driver’s intermediaries declared after the deliberations in the night of Monday. But their content should first be on Tuesday (13. June 2017) The workforce will be presented.

On Sunday it had been heaped in media reports, over-boss Travis Kalanick Konnne for three months. Although the Board of Directors spoke about it, but the decision to leave Kalanick himself, reported that Wall Street Journal Calling on informed persons. It is unclear whether it will come to it. A multi-month holiday for Kalanick could also be considered a punishment outside the company. In addition, it was unclear how to be regulated during this time.

Meanwhile, Top Manager Emil Michael, a close familiar Kalanick, leave the company, like that Wall Street Journal Calling on an e-mail to the employees reported. Accordingly, in the e-mail remained open whether Michael became for himself or was urged himself. His departure was mentioned in media reports as a maaking in the Report of the Holder Commission. Michael has been in criticism since 2014, having fanteased in a supposedly confidential conversation about how to investigate the privacy of a critical journalist.

Over and Kalanick, always strong under prere in the past few weeks. Due to its aggressive corporate culture and growth strategy, companies had to initiate a profound investigation after a former software developer reported sexual burden and discrimination. Among other things, she wrote, a supervisor wanted sex of her and had remained unpunished after she reported that. The investigation was led by the former Minister of Justice Holder, which works today at a law firm. In a first step, around 20 employees had been released.

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