About: billions loss in the first half of the year

About: billions loss in the first half of the year

The driver’s mediator continues to write deep red this year, according to a media report. The aggressive expansion course has launched the company in the first year of 2016 a loss of at least $ 1.27 billion (€ 1.12 billion) before interest, taxes and depreciation, reported the financial service Bloomberg Calling on insiders.

The numbers came from a telephone conference of Financial Chef Gautam Gupta, the investors inform all three months about the results. Uber is not borsen noted and therefore does not have to present public financial reports. The company, which is rated by its donors with $ 69 billion, gives a lot of money in the competition with rivals like Lyft about the supremacy in the business with taxi alternatives, among other things to recruit drivers.

In the company history, at least four billion dollars have already been consumed, it is called in the Bloomberg report. Most recently, the trend was still sparing. In the first two quarters of 2016, a minus of $ 520 million was followed in a high of 750 million. Also on the meantime allegedly profitable US home market should have lost millions again over last. In China, the rip-ups moved over to high losses and puts the local project with the local rivals Didi Chuxing together.

In metropolises like New York, the company tries with fighting prices and discounts to keep the competition to a distance. However, the expenditure offensive is apparently also paying out in powerful sales increases. From the first to the second quarter of 2016, the net eras should have grown by 18 percent to $ 1.1 billion. Meanwhile, the entire booking volume climbed Bloomberg from 3.8 to more than 5.0 billion dollars.

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