“A new, a good policy”

In the fourth ballot Parliament and Senate in Italy still elected a new prasidential and a new prasident. The goods are not remarkably noteworthy, it was not in many ways to provide information about the – potential political development

First of all: the former spokeswoman of the UN escape commissariat Laura Boldrini (Parliament), and the Anti-Mafia Chief Conditioning Pietro Grasso (Senate), once a close confidant of the 1992 investigative judge Giovanni Falcone, are about every doubt sublime, moral integrity personalities.

Laura Boldrini (SEL) was chosen as a new Prasident of the Chamber of Deputies. Image: Screenshot of the entitement

as "NeodePutati", So for the first time in the chambers-selected new politicians, they are free of any corruption suspected, also far away from the intrigues and rankings of their respective party apparatus. And that, although both with 51 (boldrini) or. 68 years (Grasso) Everything but young, inexperienced lightweights are. Since one is one of the ranks of the smaller coalition partner SEL ("Links, Obology, Freedom"), the other of the PD, that is, the Social Democrats dominating the Parliament with the absolute majority comes from, the propontal interest rates of the center-left bundling are sufficiently maintained.

In their genitus speech, both remained unmistakably clear that they commemorate the moral mabbags gained in their previous activity (poverty fighting, escape and equal rights, anti-corruption and anti-interest conflict policy) in their new functions. Grasso skilfully referred to the ceiling fresco in the Senate building, the Palazzo Madama, the four terms "Giustizia, Diritto, Fortezza, Concordia" (Justice, law, strong, unit) illustrated (many senators seemed to discover it for the first time), and promised Boldrini, almost attributed by their own speech to tranes, "a new, responsible, a good policy", Also and especially for those who "their certainty and hopes lost" had. The intentions so could not be Lehrer.

Also that choosing at the same time a skilful, some say: Brilliant chess train of the jerking to the wall for a government formation – and thus to his political survival – fighting "Electoral victorious" Bersani is, you can barely exploit this. As it were overnight, he had shaken his trump card from the Armel, new, believed candidate, which ensures a broad consensus and thus helped the threatlessness of action at the beginning of the new legislature for the first overwind. A surprising turn, which had hardly anyone who had hardly anyone who had hardly added to the battered – Daily Gravel-Graphous – PD-Fuhrer.

Senate President Pietro Grasso could make life difficult for Berlusconi. Image: Screenshot of a PD video

At the same time, the personnel decision sets clear signs: an austerity policy a la monti, but also the escape over-performed offensters in immunitat and institutions could soon be in Italy of the past. More clearly – among the given circumstances – a fight start on the remaining middle-right parties can hardly be.

These have heard the message quite. Montis "Scelta Civica" Established until recently by the delivery women ballots of any co-responsibility; Berlusconis PDL acknowledged the narrow election victory of the mafiajager from the rows of PD against their own candidates, the old senate proside and mafia lawyer schifani, with murral murmur and interaction. Berlusconi himself, for the vote – heavily rubbted and behind dark sunglasses – fished specifically from the hospital in the Senate and at the entrance of passers-by "buffo" – Yes, right: as "clown" – The debacle bodied: "Anyway an unimportant choice, without meaning."

Klammheimlich he seems to have a suspicion, which can come to him in the next few weeks and months. Three excreted partisselles, with the beginning of the new legislature of their immunitat, the well-padded deputy chair exchanged in the night of Friday already with hard prison sprayers. Probably already on Monday, the prosecutor rises against the "cavaliere" again accusation, in another case with corruption suspicion.

Has Bersani clearly distanced himself from a large coalition according to the German model by his chess train, so he has also built a Brucke also the Movimento 5 job. And despite its consistent rejection of any, a priori agreed, cooperation. So the "grillini" While in Parliament, until the most of its own candidate Roberto Fico – although, in view of the majority ratios, no longer had chances to be chosen – but did not help to donate the freshly paid premium after her speech applaud. In the Senate – where to last by Montis abstention a victory of Berlusconi candidate threatened – Bersani was even "Movimento" split.

"Too much Leninism, too little democracy!"

After a witnesses present, "Heated, loud, yes: dramatic faction session "Behind closed doors, eighteen of her senators voted for the candidate of the PD. Underneath the entire Sicilian delegation already affected in their regional parliament and directly affected by the person’s decision, and – probably – even their own, for the runoff no longer nominated candidate Luis Alberto Orellana. The commented on the abolition of the fraction forces immediately after the decision with the words: "It was not just the choice between two senators. It was also a choice between two basic human qualities." – A subtle transcription for: "Mafiajager or Mafioso? Since I went, who I have to election." Also independent of the party’s razor.

The reaction of the wiring wars of the "Movimento" Do not love to wait long. Still elsewhere, Beppe Grillo said in his blog of one "Betrayed at one of the central principles of our movement: transparency". Had part of the senators with their deviating, secret vote "against the majority line and thus also against the election promise ". Indirectly, he even demanded her to jerk: "I hope you draw the necessary consequences."

But not anymore. Because from the "Movimento" Deaf – as he had made this in the race campaign with two young candidates from Emilia, who succumbed against all agreements and signed agreements suddenly in television talk shows – he can not do the abnormal senators this time. That could at best the group by majority decision. But their spokesman Vito Crimi weighed already: "Sure, there was one or the other according to his conscience. But that is an expression of freedom. In the spirit of our movement." The neo-Senator Giuseppe Vacciano even voluntarily offers its jerking: "When searched for the guilty for this ‘high treason to the principles of the M5S’… Please: Here you have one." And the Sicilian delegate Francesco Campanella buried his attitude: "For my voice, I did not have anything to promise to me. I volunteered you, for free. For the ‘Movimento’, but also for the freedom of my Mitburgers who have chosen me on Sicily." – What the basis has begun to emancipate from your driver.

And also – unmourned sharp – replica bersanis on Grillos did not love to wait for a long time: "Too much Leninism, too little democracy!" Of the "Brudge" The two archefeinde can go to the next round.

Italy changes

So what is the conclusion of this (power) politically not even so insignificant choice (finally the Senate President – formal – the second most important man in the state)? That "Movimento" is already on his second working day on the ground of "Real policy" landed.

PD boss Bersani, who is expected to officially commission to governmental education on Wednesday with exploratory governmental education, has a little good to make ground and credits. The head of government Monti prevented from Napolitano in a long telephone call remains until further notice at the Office. And for Silvio Berlusconi and his center-right bundry from PDL and Lega Nord becomes the climate in the new, extensive political isolation rapidly rougher.

Nothing new so in Italian political day? Probably. At least – as already at the beginning of the "second republic" about twenty years ago – a lot in motion. And this time there is in this "Youngest and female parliament of Italian history" (Boldrini) after all, an opposition that deserves this name. Which is not so easy to eat with lazy compromises. And there is an openness that is increasingly sensitive to the traditional Italian technology of the "Swap, camouflage and stake" reacted.

Of course, acts must follow the already words. It remains exciting in Bella Italia.

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