A gene for the language?

Speech 1

The new El Dorado is known to be biotechnology. Almost daily we will surprise on news and discoveries. The excitement about the cloning of people has hidden the small progress behind it. Maybe that should be like that.

Especially the brain and gene exploration makes rapid progress. Always new areas for these or those functions or new genes are discovered, which should be responsible for this or that. Now British scientists have already sounded "Wellcome Center for Human Genetics" In an article in the magazine Nature Genetics (BD. 18, S. 168) Announced that they have found the first gene, which is responsible for people for their language and speaking competence. Of course, one is optimistic that they will soon be trailing all involved genes soon.

Came to that by examining a family, in which one has already suffered second member under heavy language difficulties for three generations. You can not write grammatical not correctly and hardly lack. However, the gene speech 1 discovered by scientists has not yet been isolated, but was found in a group of 50 genes. That’s the same group in which the for autism is responsible for the authority. Of course, one will continue to research to find the genetic basis of our language skills, which will definitely fix spell difficulties in a targeted way through genetic engineering. Despite adequate intelligence, up to 5 percent of all children should have difficulty printing out to print properly.

So, the long-established Noam Chomsky is right, which has already amed his linguistic investigations that the language competence and certain language structures were innate? However, one also knows that people who have been isolated and speechlessly grewing sphere can no longer learn to learn that. At least, as with many other mental competences, there is a phase of the prage that "dialog" Wired the brain with the environment. Of course, our speech is genetically conditioned, with which we have committed the phonetic possibility to articulate a certain range of sounds. Only recently had American scientists announced (Science, BD. 279, S. 220), that they are in chimpanze voice centers in the "Planum Temporal" had found that at them, as with the people, in the left brain hemisphare stronger than in the right. It is amed that this area plays an important role in the language. So the chimpanzees can not speak only because their stimmapart is not suitable for this? So language was not only in people, but already with the primates? Or is the human language a phanomen who in a kind of take-over exterior skills, z.B. for the generation and detection of gestures, supposed and for new purposes?

But you can probably accept that not every language difficulty can be deported to the genes right now. Probably the genes, if they were generally responsible for language skills, are only one if possible, even decisive part of a complex context. Like (almost) always, you liked to say.

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