A flap polenwitz, duster aliens and wissen burocups

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

What the Polish boulevard can, we can have long: Bittschon. Of course, the video-linked video transported Polandwitz anything but original, yet he is supposed to have allegedly had the comic Fubball War between Germany and Poland. And especially weird about it is that Springer-Blatter-West over Springer-Blatter-East EVER. The latest example of this publishing-internal dispute can be viewed here. And who has masochistic inclinations, can be quales through the comments of the image reader.

A flap Polenwitz, Duster Aliens and Wissen Burocups

There are greatly more important things as Fubball Wars. For example, a discovery that has broken up to RP online. The leaf has spotted aliens at YouTube and suffered a heavy poetic attack: "Black is the night. It’s so dark that you can only look half a meter from the window. Then it happens: For a brief moment, the strange pushes something his water head towards the disk. Through eyes that are hollow in crater depths, the alien rises through the window. Then it blinks. And disappears again."

The Real Jeff Peckman Alien Video -Best Quality

The video for the text is unfortunately again much prosperic. But for Gluck, someone has the movie to one "Best Quality"-Version marched. Also in Koln the days was spotted and filmed the days. Although the Kolner Express, who published the "shocker video", is still naive naturally from a "eerie thunderstorm man" and writes.

The video hit of the week, however, comes from the popular Burokampf genre. It shows a man, the so-called Crazy Office Guy, who is crumpled and not only resources his workplace. Meanwhile, there is the same process from another perspective. More examples of Burokampf videos are Angry Day at The Office and Crazy Office Guy.

And to avoid further buroy vaccions, quickly at the end of the reference to a small game with which you can reduce aggression: Egg Attack! On Steve Ballmer.

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