“80 Percent of the inhabitants of donbass do not want to access ukraine”

Located east of Mariupol Kustenstadtchen Shyrokyne is abandoned and completely destroyed. Image: Censor.net.among others

Ex-SBU General Major Vovk calls for realism in an interview that does not exist in the G7 graduating Communique, Freedom House warns of greater right-wing extremism in Ukraine

Chancellor Merkel was at the very at the beginning of the suggestion of Donald Trump, to recover Russia again to the G7 summit. Only the new Italian head of government Conte had first buried Trump’s proposal, but then ranked back into the rejection front. Merkel said he had been in agreement, "that a return of Russia to the G7 format can not take place, as long as not really substantial progress has been achieved with regard to the problems with Ukraine".

In the final communique, from which Trump was fetched out again, it is called on the topic in old-known manner, Russia must be "Destabilizing behavior to undermine democratic systems and exit its support of the Syrian regime". Is repeated, although the federal government has just had to have any evidence that Russia is responsible for the attack on the scrips. Identically, the custodial horses are further used to cement the unfounded claim in the pots of humans. One voice with the British government overlike that "It is very likely that the Russian codation is responsible for the attack and that there is no plausible alternative explanation for that".

The Ukraine also raises the claims for the ritual. After a conviction of "Illegal annexation of the Crimea" the critical support of Ukraine is emphasized and the previous failure of the implementation of the Minsk agreements alone has pushed into the shoes alone, which is why the continuing of sanctions is also justified. Russia becomes other "restrictive measures to increase the cost of Russia" threatened, its actions should be required.

I do not believe against violent right-wing extremists

Meanwhile, even the Freedom Foundation, which can not be submitted to a prorussian attitude (Russia is considered "not free", Ukraine as "partially free"), Before growing right-wing extremism in Ukraine, which Konne’s democracy. In a report, which was published in front of the G7 summit at the end of May, it is called that right-wing groupings, which are partially organized and armed partially, has not yet had any chances in the elections, but they were trying to aggressively, their agenda in society enforce. They are one "Capital threat" For all left, feminist, liberals and LGBT activists, for human rights activists and for ethnic and cultural minorities. In recent months, these groups have become increasingly active, the behavior were not proceeding against them even in violence.

The report of the Freedom Foundation sees the beginning of the spread of right-wing extremism after the "Euromaidan revolution and continued Russian aggression". Before that, right-wing extremist groups have been marginal since the Ukrainian independence: "But in recent years, extreme nationalist views and groups have received a significant legitimity in society together with their preachers and propagandists."

Jerking of the Crimea and reintegration of Donbass in the near future impossible

For the unrestricted support of Ukraine, Prasident Poroshenko thanked himself. The Ukraine remains one "Priority of the free world". He said against Russia: "The conditions are clear: first, recognition of international law, termination of aggression in Donbass and returning the Crimea to Ukraine. Otherwise, the price for Moscow for its aggression against Ukraine and its interference will continue to increase in the internal affairs of other states!"

In today’s meeting of the Aufe Minister in the "Normandy format" Ukraine urges the freezing of "political prisoners" In Russia and relies on an exchange with the probably because of the Landesverratsratted Russian-Ukrainian journalists Kirill Vyshinsky (Wischinski), the head of Ria Novosti Ukraine. Putin has hitherto backed up, because Vyshinsky imprisoned because of his professional activity, presumed Setsov because of the preparation of a stop.

However, the demands for a jerking of the Crimea and the reintegration of Donbass into Ukraine set up a drawing out of the secret service SBU a steamer. In an interview with Obozrevatel.com, a Ukrainian station, said yesterday of the former head of the main examination department of the SBU, Generalmaj Vasily Vovk (WOWK), it gives "in the near future" no way, "to free our territories".

As a reason, he called that people in the Donbass did not go into the Ukraine coarse part. While in Ukraine is believed that 60 percent of people in Donbass back to Ukraine, there are other data that is close to reality: "80 percent of the inhabitants of Donbass do not want to access Ukraine, no matter how much I have this. I could say that they are all patriots and that they are underprinted, but they have almost all Russian passe." In the Crimea one even hate Ukraine, people were only kept their Ukrainian passe to reach Ukraine and can travel from there abroad.

It is important not to claim that 99 percent of people wanted to return to Ukraine: "We know the real situation, not only in the occupied territories, but also in the areas around you in the ‘gray zone’ and in addition to them, look more in Russia."

VOVK had noticed because of anti-Semitic exercises and until June 2017 head of the MH17 SBU investigation under the Common Investigator Team (JIT). At 19. June he was released. He also took the view that the buk, with which the MH17 was shot down, came from Russia and was served by appropriately trained Russian soldiers, but once again said that they can come to see if they had come out of the Crimea. At any rate, the launch is by a separately controlled location.

The General Major has no obvious Prorussian tendencies. In 2015, after the deputy Oleg Kalashnikov, Fruher Party of the Regions, and the tags were murdered the journalist Oles Buzina in Kiev, "Ukrainophoben" asked to keep your mouth or shut down your rhetoric: "Nobody is allowed to face Ukraine or the Ukrainian."

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