75 Years ago: debut of the series car with diesel

Hannover / Fellbach, 1. November 2011 – Ratte, Knatter, Peng – It sounds like the betting tags to the Zimmermanns-World Cup. After a few seconds, a dark haze to the yard. But Michael Plag radiates the whole face: once the starter is tailed, already runs the Mercedes 260 D. The 2.6 liter coarse four-cylinder, which the mechanic from the Mercedes Classic Center in Fellbach at Stuttgart is currently ready for exit, is not any self-cord: The Black Pullman Sedan of the series W 138 is one of the world’s first cars with diesel engine, the was presented 75 years ago.

The diesel engine itself is already clearly old and ran for the first time towards the end of the 19. Century. But in his daycas he was just as a station armotor, then as a drive for ships or locomotives. Even trucks often had a gasoline engine under the hood – the legendar Opel flash is an example of that.

45 hp top performance

As the model name 260 D already says, the car carries a 2.6 liter of large self-cord under the hood. As a chassis, the then 200er gasoline engine serves with a long wheelbase. The four-cylinder engine with the short OM 138 makes 33 kW (45 hp) at 3200 rpm. To date, OM stands at Mercedes for "Omelotor". For comparison, the OM 138 came to a liter output of 17.7 hp, the current four-cylinder diesel OM 651 from Mercedes poses thanks to direct injection and two-stage charging of 2143 cubic centimeters in the highest power level 204 hp according to 95.2 hp per liter – which is a Completion corresponds to.

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