3-2-1 Mine: a solution for the war in iraq

A frustrated, jesting or money or money or. Attenturizing officer of the US Army offered on eBay a plan for the solution of the Iraq war for 5 million US dollars

The location in Iraq is proceeding for the Bush government. A reasonable way back from the grounded chaos, dying dozens of people in the day for day, can not be seen. The troop effort has so far showed no effect, nevertheless discussed whether one should send even more soldiers in the short term, while the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki explains, the US troops were quietly removed, or UN General Secretar Ban Ki Moon warns in front of a superseded trigger. After a report by Unicef, the situation in Iraq is worsening faster and faster. Children go worse than even under Hussein.

A long-term US intelligence employee now had the idea of raising a bit of money or attention by offering an allegedly promising plan for a good solution of Iraq war on eBay: "A Solution to the was in Iraq. Sound Advice for Those Who Need It Most."The offer the provider Cptnabil, after the New York Post Army Capt. Thad Krasnesky from Fort Hamilton, apparently stateful for recruiting u.a. From Muslimen, for $ 5 million also wanted to sell immediately, was blocked in the meantime of Ebay.

3-2-1 mine: a solution for the war in Iraq

In May, Thad Krasnesky had already preserved in Fort Hamilton as auction. Photo: Hamilton.army.mi

The intelligence officer at the Army, which is allegedly well-known in the Middle East, lifting Arabic, knows culture and history and participated in Desert Storm and the last war in Iraq, promises a "successful plan". He had been involved in the planning of hundreds of fertilizers and participated in almost as many as many as well as humanitarian maws. The war has $ 400 billion and the life of 3.500 US soldiers cost. Therefore, his offer of a plan for 5 million is appropriate, says the intelligence officer who obviously thinks of politicians or even a prasidency candidate as a bidder.

Despite his pricing, Krasnesky started the auction with a dollar – and has not recorded before ebay stepped in. Supposedly, he had decided to the action after having responded despite many letters to Members, High Pentagon Employees and Prasident Consequences Nobody responded to his proposals. Of course, that could also sit down at his 5-page plan. It should suggest that you do not take the situation with a military "huge sword", but with a scalpel. Bravely, he explained that he returned to Iraq again, but continue his opinion on the procedures of war, even if he should lose his job.

3-2-1 mine: a solution for the war in Iraq

Highest offer on Monday. Screenshot: Daily Kos

After all, the auction that went through the American media has not only pulled up, but also more than 100 bidders and allegedly, as reported in the eBay Forum, a highest offer of 99.999.999 US dollars before the auction was taken from the net and now only finds in Google cache.

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