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Three net artsites were cracked – and this time really is the whole art away

Only a little one "0WNED by Zebra X" On gray reason has remained abys. Last night, the Netzkunstsites Direct to Brain, Kalx and ONE38 were hacked and the entire sites were lolled. A cracker who calls Charles Copper and under the hacker name "Z3BR4 X" Operated, sent yesterday an email on the net art mailing list 7-11, in which he though though though.

In the mail it is called in typical hacker jargon:

"2D4Y IZ D4 D4Y Zebr4 x K1LL3D N3T 4RT


H3LL and J0D1 TH1KNS TH3Y R Hackrz R33L Hakrz H4ck 0THR P4G3Z"

(Today is the Day Zebra X Killed Net Art. You think you are so elite. Hell and Jodi Think They Are Hackers. Real Hackers Hack Other Pages.To)

Further information from Grunden contains the mail. She only advertises for the Collegerock band Weezer and her website.

Since the artists did not respond to inquiries until further notice, the failure of the damage is not yet foreseeable. But until then, it is also that the hack is a joint action of the three artists, all members of the network art group bright.COM are.

"Hacks" From Kunstwebsites it has already given in the short history of grid art. In 1997, the Slovene Vuk Cosic copied the entire website of the DCoumeta X, a few days before being closed as a network chest should be closed, on its own website, where you can see until today.

Lately, the Italian group 0100101110101101 has.Org is attentive on itself through a series of spectacular network art thieves. They not only copied the websites of Jodi and bright.COM as well as the netkunstgalerie Art.Teleportacia on your site, but also made a Shockwave version of the netkunst browser "Webstalker" and a number of "Hybrid" Assemblages mentioned from the files of different other network art projects. In all these actions, however, the "Original" untouched.

However, although a series of net artists have coccetted with the image of the hacker, this is the first time that someone solved so systematically whole network art sites. However, it is not the first time that a whole art site was cracked: ONE38 was already sacrificing a cracker attack half a year ago.

Whether it is an artality or whether a hacker has discovered the network art remains to be seen. The hint "2D4Y IZ D4 D4Y Zebr4 x K1LL3D N3T 4RT" After all, let the cracker knew that it was the pages he hacked to art.

It should also be with this attack "Artistic intervention" Act, the net art had reached a flow of low. If it is one "proper "Hack" should be a promise that the grid art has been greasy for years: lifting the boundaries between art and net life.

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