2014: New states in europe?

Like Scotland, Catalonia is also to vote in 2014 on the independence of Spain, but the EU also sees new states outside the community

Catalans have not been able to diade the strong prere from Spain and Brussel from the chosen course towards independence. The government stands and head of government Artur Mas will be confirmed on Friday in the Office. The government’s pact of the left and conservative nationalists also sees a bank levy, higher taxes on wings, inheritances, capital carriers, a tax for greenhouse gases and for nuclear power plants. The warnings of EU Commission President Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, that Scotland and Catalonia are no longer in the EU in the case of independence, have nothing used. Striking Britain is democratic the right to self-determination, Spain Mas want to "rebellion" Charges if Catalonia such as Scotland votes in 2014 on the independence.

On Wednesday, Artur Mas for the Conservative Convergence and Unity (CIU) and Oriol Junqueras for Republican Left Catalonia (ERC) signed the government pact in Parliament of Barcelona. Of the "Pact for freedom" Looks the "Expertic obligation" Prior to have to vote in the 2014 population on the independence of Spain. And that leads to correspondingly violent reactions in the Spanish capital Madrid.

Although Mas and his CIU had made the referendum to the central content of early elections in November (Catalonia agrees on the independence of Spain), they now did not want to set an appointment. This question has the "Most difficulties" prepares, enamed the left national Junqueras. (http: // www.Elperiodico.COM / ES / Noticias / Politica / Junqueras-Los-Ciudadanos-Tendendran-SUS-Manos-Futuro-Catalunya-2276040) As a compromise was agreed that the appointment KONNE will be postponed in common regarding when it comes from the "political or socio-locomotive context" necessary, goes out of the agreement.

Junqueras explained after signing: "We move into the hands of the population of Catalonia to serve your interests." The old and new head of government made the agreements with the results of the early new elections. "We have received a clear order of the population", Said Mas. He will now be confirmed on Friday in office. Mas and Junqueras are convinced, now one "Stable and strong government" to have the Catalonia on its way out of the crisis and in the direction of independence. So far, the CIU ruled as a minority government with changing majorities.

The conservative mas hardly remained a different choice after the elections, as he had set itself clearly with the pre-drawn new elections. The Wahler strongly highlighted the left nationalists so that the CIU is dependent on them. The ERC came to 21 seats with just under 14% parliament and is more than twice as strong as before. Mas was not only denied the targeted absolute majority, but his Ciu was even peaked. For this, radicals and left surveys of independence were initiated altogether and that is clearly reflected in the government program and tax policy, as is to be read below.

Spanish government thinks about the prosecution due to rebellion

Many Catalans mistrust the swing of Mas and the Ciu. Because at first, they tried the huge demonstration for one "new state in Europe" to use for party interests. Only when the negotiations with Spain on a financing model after Basque role model for the underfinanced Catalonia failed, Mas relied on the train to the independence in the fall. He pays only with the ERC about a clear majority on this course. He is also trimmed into this question but also from the left-wing radical Cup, which was chosen for the first time in parliament. Two-thirds occur in Parliament in Barcelona now for self-determination rights that the leftgrown initiative for Catalonia (ICV) defends.

The pact is provided that the laws necessary for the referendum until 31. December 2013 to say goodbye. The new government should be in one "Dialogue and negotiations" with Spain "About the right to self-determination" step. And that is difficult because the Spanish government under Mariano Rajoy and its Right People’s Party (PP) refuse to the Catalans the right of self-determination. Government speaker Soraya Saenz de Santamaria has explained in Madrid, this pact worry for "Instability" and the planned referendum is "illegal". The Vice Minister Presenter fugged that you have many mechanisms to prevent it.

A possibility is already concrete about the criminal law. The government overlay, MAs because "rebellion" Attached, is reported. That was not surprisingly, because the PP had once adopted a law in 2003 to ban democratic referendums (http: // www.Our site / TP / Article / 16/16284 / 1.HTML), which was ground by the Social Democratic Successors. Mas warned, you’re going on on the way "Many opponents", the "are powerful and little scruple" had.

The Spanish government also claims, "No state of the EU is ready to recognize Catalonia if it is unilaterally explained". Divincid Manuel Garcia-Margallo even distorts the words of EU CommissionSpasident Jose Manuel Durao Barroso to recognition. Madrid should not hope for that. Because the majority of EU member states also recognized the Kosovo – Spain, however,. Apart from that, the International Court of Justice (IGH) has assessed two years ago that the unilateral explanation of independence "the general international law does not violate". There was no international legal norm, which forbid it to be a people, also unilaterally explained.

Therefore, in Barcelona, in the face of threats, one shows unimpressed and, on the other hand, refer to the democratic mature coincidence. The Konigreich has broken down with Scotland in the short term to make the Scots in 2014 in the independence (Europe’s new states). Therefore therefore much Dafur spoke, the vote in Catalonia also carried out in 2014 in parallel. The arguments of Spain are even more weak in view of the British behavior, which is why the ERC streamlined to 2014 as a date. In addition, since 2007, it has demanded an independent specialist in 2014. Because it is the 300. Anniversary, at which Barcelona 1714 fell into the succession wars and Catalonia lost its definedness. In recent years, she has actively supported votes in villages and the busts in which commutations of independence are mostly in the majority in the majority.

Unclear European conditions

Face of the advances, the British Guardian found on Thursday that the EU independence of the EU "headache" prepare. That’s why EU Commission’s Prospective Barroso mixes massively in debates. However, he does not talk about the nations self-determination and does not question their recognition. But he tries to make prere on the votes that new states had to drive outside the EU and lengthy accession negotiations. "We are a union of states and if there is a new state, he should, of course, be necessary to apply for his membership and negotiate the conditions with the incurred member states", Barroso explained in the interview with the BBC.

Industrial efforts, as well as in the Basque Country and Flanders clearly, he wants to get out of it. He explained, split-off states had to "Normal accession negotiations" drove and the konn "Years last". He stressed by "No specific" Case to speak and referred to one "doctrine", the 2004 was set up. If a part of a country becomes an independent state, it is a third country in relation to the EU and must apply for applicable procedures to promote EU membership. "That’s obvious." Barroso spoke only between the lines that Spain or Great Britain could engage a Veto against membership because a decision must fall unanimously.

In Catalonia and Scotland you can see the already different anyway. The Catalan head of government had told before the elections, Catalonia will remain automatically in the EU and in the euro, or after a cleavage "we can be back within 24 hours". Also the deputy first minister of Scotland has clearly contradicted Barroso’s interpretation of the contract. Nicola Sturgeon explained, Scotland must not submit a new application, the region is already 40 years in the confederation of confeders.

Again and again the Scottish nationalists refer to that it even has an expertise in Brussel, which confirm this position. There were no conditions that allowed the effects of EU tolerate a territory of the Union or EU Burgress to escape the burgers of an EU member country, said Sturgeon. And this opinion also represent experts. They point out that there is no praiseed case. And Brussel does not represent a uniform position in the question. When the Catalan ie arrested the agenda, the Spanish EU competition commissar Joaquin Almunia said: "You can not give a categorical answer and say if one stops, he stands outside and thus he is from the game for the coming centuries."

Therefore, Edinburgh calls for Brussel to quickly take on the procedure. Sturgeon and the left nationalist first Minister Alex Salmond also harvest their conviction that one has an independent Scotland "with open arms" be received in the EU because it "rich in ol, gas, energy and fish" may be. Experts also believe that a practicable procedure will be found in a states of states on expansion anyway. Because the EU itself has a rough interest in integrating these newly emerging states. The economically enormous Catalonia is also a more special case because the region is even towards the euro zone.

Left tax system in Catalonia

That the Catalan Zug can still be stopped in view of the developments in Scotland is doubtful. Spain had to use again – as in the coup 1936 – to grab massive violence, which is not even unthinkable in a party like the ruling post-fascist folk party (PP). Thus, a fundamental handling can be determined. During the Great Britain or Canada with independent benefits in Scotland or Quebec to deal democratically and have also separated Czechs and Slovaks peacefully, Spain uses repression as usual. But Europe can hardly allow for a democratic referendum or marketable process to explain how the independence to explain, with weapons violence.

In any case, the left-nationalist ERC has enforced in the negotiations with the CIU that with the budget the basics for the "Transition to a separate state" be placed, which also after studies "absolutely realizable" were. The left was initiated to keep the CIU not only in the question of independence on course, but also to end the neoliberal austerity policy or to slow down at least. Although she also had to compromise against Ciu, but she could prevail a lot. Therefore, it is said that they have enforced a left tax system.

So the inheritance tax is introduced again, although the CIU had broken down with the abolition. If the CIU had previously burdened the simple population in the crisis, it should now be asked for a cashier to the cashier. Therefore, the warrant tax, taxes on higher income and the capital gain tax are raised. In addition, a bank delivery should come. With a tax you will also be asked to pay the apartments empty. This is the responsibility of the rental in view of the enormous number of foreclayers of those who can no longer pay their mortgages.

In the field of environmental protection, a levy on greenhouse gases was agreed, which should be obtained as a steering effect as a fuel control for nuclear power plants. To be introduced should also a vignette for trucks to involve the transport on the strain stronger at the high social costs. So that the inner states do not extinction and make small shop because of the competition of hypermarks in front of the gates of the city, the latter should be taxed even stronger. Overall, one wants to prevent or steam with the swing in tax policy further cuts into the social network and at the same time reduce the budget deficit.

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