13Th floor: life according to korsakov

Two artists and the "Sub-layer"

Recently, it is gladly again from the "Sub-layer" The speech, especially in the middle class, which fears through the afternoon. Media such as Z.B. The mirror have discovered a certain form of social kelprosa again and are currently waiting with new details from the lusty and vicious life in the prologhettos of the republic.

13th floor: Life According to Korsakov

Photos: 13th floor

Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing have their own "Interactive home film" a little more mess. In Bremen there is a high-rise settlement called Grohn Dune. Those who live there only because he remains unnecessary, the press material claims to "13th floor" and you do not have to look for a long time on the DVD to find out that the residents see the same.

Nothing and a lot

The settlement, planned in the seventies as a model project for modern living, soon became a social focal point, and it has remained until today. Recently, one tries to meet the problems with many, many surveillance cameras, and that seems to have been one of the impulses for the two authors Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing to offer themselves for four weeks in the settlement to them in their way "monitor".

Thalhofer and mensing are not unknown, the first has already created a comparable project on his Bavarian homeland, the second is a journalist and book author. What happened in the four weeks, in which the two artists have accepted the lower class? Nothing and a lot – that really comes to the viewing angle. They loved talking to the residents whose stories are written down and commented on how they fit; they have selected the right music, and then they have all arranged to a cinematic essay.

13th floor: Life According to Korsakov

One can imagine more exciting than the bottrophe protocols for the Internet age, but in fact, the two has succeeded in which the busy experts in mirrors, star etc. Not even traumes: A surprising documentation that can completely do without social workers’ pulses, romantisations, contempt and cliches. That’s at different things. For example, at the mixture of saucation and interruption, with which the two approach their investigation.

In a key scene, Mensing is committed to by no means an ideal, unbiased observer, he stands to his prejudices, makes them transparent for the viewer. In addition, he refers to himself as a sealant who steals the residents of the Grants Dune their stories to build them in his story. This means that he takes these stories seriously as thieves. That he and Thalhofer do without the lowering of the illustrated sociologists, does not really mean that people are spared or decided by the Grant Dune. The camera of the two often sits very close to the faces of the skyscrapers, and the two documentary filmmakers give the people for the opportunity to speak of themselves – the delusion of their lives is not directed by the text boss over them, but speaks out of them.

Thieves, but no denounced

If the appendant of the witness of Jehovah is paid by their relationship with God and swaded over terrorism, when supercooling twelve-year-old with their sexual experiences bragging, small-criminal teenagers in the camera or reported by their robbers, then tags under the existence of Thalhofer and Mensing Skilled cuts and economical, but effective camera training too "authentic" Footage, which is unparalleled in this form. For this that all these stolen stories are not released the laughing, (according to the motto: "See how you live!"), Mensing and Thalhofer are involved with their nature of narration, because they are thieves, but no indemnimant.

The comments made by them, intermediate stories and overhead lines bind the material into a gross payment from the Grant Dune, which gives a bitterest serious with a sometimes incredible facilite or that one in the other first causes only. It makes her rank as authors that they can, and still do not play in the foreground. The third main factor that contributed to the success of the company is called "Corsakov". The authors call their "Home film" Interactive, because the viewer determines the course of history itself to some extent. The Korsakov system so baptized by Thalhofer are subdivided "13th floor" the screen always in four partial screens, a coarse and three small.

Hang to fabulate

The scene running in the coarse screen can at any time by one of the three alternatives offered for selection "Thumbnail"-Screens are replaced, and so manovrates the viewer in a simple but effective way through the many stories from which the story is. In the middle of the nineties, in the face of this presentation form, they had almost no longer damaged before louder enthusiasm over "Nonlineares tell" and similar mischief more. The hype is past, and Thalhofer can simply make his thing – where here, as everywhere with him, the self-stirony leaning out the buttonflocks: The Korsakov syndrome is a brain harmonious caused by alcoholism, in which the short-term recipient is lost to the patient. The lack of continuously experienced time will then be balanced by a slope for fabulating. The ironic connection to the expedition of the Grant Dune, which consists only of CUT UPS, is obvious.

The only thing sometimes slightly uncomfortable is, is mensings speaker voice. As a writer and documentary filmers he is ideal with Thalhofer. But in the chassis, not to print on the transendruse, he sometimes speaks with a forced mobility, which is not adequate the sad under his stories then. It may have been better to read all the lyrics from Thalhofer, who has the ease that mensing simulates only, and nevertheless text and topic never misses – what else is already "My little world" To such a treat made.

But these are really mines. It was not the Serbian author Aleksandar Tisma, who once said that writers are vampires that suck blood out of everything happens? The only justification for this kind of blood towers can only be the quality of the artwork created. What is concerned, the justification for Florian Thalhofers and Kolja Mensings work easily

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