1.6 Billion packages: deutsche post dhl presents new annual record

1.6 billion packages: Deutsche Post DHL presents new annual record

Deutsche Post DHL has so far requested 1.6 billion packages in Germany this year. Thus, the company has already handled more broadcasts five weeks before the end of the year than throughout 2019. From the year also comes the previous high school of 1.58 billion packages.

The post expects that not least because of the corona crisis, the packet account will continue to grow strongly. From the end of November to Christmas, the company from 11 million broadcasts on top days opposite averaging 5.2 million packages of ordinary days. Therefore, it represents about 10 until the end of the year.000 Additional assistance certificates in the delivery and sorting.


The mail points out that Christmas packages within Germany at the latest until 19. December 12 o’clock should be hired, for European neighboring countries up to 14. and for other countries of Europe up to 10. December. For auberereuropaic countries, the package should be up to the 30. November, so it arrives in time for the feast. Letters and postcards have two or three days more time.

The post office had already set his own information in April to the Corona-Lockdown 4000 new workforce in the package business. Also have since then 13.000 Extra vehicles in use. In addition, letter bearers and letterers also interfaces smaller packages. You now work in several waves over the day. So this year could be easier to take the postman or the postbotin for a Christmas attention.

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