Zetsche: “without change we are done”

Zetsche: 'without change we are done'

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche has prompted his company and the automotive industry overall to face the effects of technical change. "There is no nature law that Daimler consists forever," said Zetsche on Monday evening at the Mobilfunk fair MWC in Barcelona. That’s why the company must have to change. The automotive industry is still changing, since connectivity, the autonomous driving, the advance of electric motors and the growth of mobilitate-sharing platforms have redefined the industry of the industry of the industry.

Zetsche joined together with Microsoft Chef Satya Nadella. Previously, both companies had a collaboration with IT services agreed in the Cloud. Zetsche stressed: "We know that this industry will be completely different in ten years."Daimler will sometimes have to deal with the current competitors. "And we will have a number of new competitors. If we continue to do what we did so well, we’re done, "he said. The Daimler boss pointed out how much the business changed when a company fulfills several roles in the value chain. "These borders are blurring in this world. They are supplier and customer. And they are competitor and cooperation partners in one."

Earlier, it had been particularly important to send the design department so that no one could copy something. "If we talk about these systems today, we are convinced that we have to make it with open source, because we need the skills of the entire community," Zetsche said. Microsoft boss Nadella said in the conversation with Zetsche, it is comparatively easy to make certain technological changes. "The most difficult are the changes in the business model."So it was difficult for Microsoft to switch from the high profits to individual products at low profits in the cloud sector. Zetsche sent: "That’s before."

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