Your ministry of interior advice: “cover yourself for your digital security”

Your Ministry of Interior advice:'kummern sie sich selbst um ihre digitale sicherheit'

The government wants to survive the IT security the burgers. Image: Frankmagdelyns1, Pixabay

Ministry and BSI introduced campaign for IT security. Criticism of missing strategy to protect the burgers ignore themselves self-lick

Since one wants as a CSU-guided Ministry "Furthermost and home" Together with the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI) in an online press conference, colorful pictures and videos for the latest IT security campaign will present – and then journalists come with storing questions. But in turn.

Even Telepolis Wanted to meet the campaign on Monday to introduce you to the readership. The aim of the efforts, so the BSI, be it"to increase the risk awareness of consumers and their skills to strong, problems competent, long-term acting and self-determined to loose". Because finally:"Especially in the digital world with its numerous possibilities you should always pay attention to your safety." Who should have something to object?

Nobody has something against personal responsibility. "Cover yourself with our free tips and information just for your digital security", Council the Ministry. But it is not that free. Such insights together with quiz, obviously from a Buro of marketing professionals, one is of course not to zero tariff.

The information costs the taxpayers in the next two years 1.5 million euros. "Really much money" Be that, BSI-Prasident Arne Schedbohm was happy at the side of the Federal Government’s IT Officer or Chief Information Officer (CIO), Markus Richter. Finally, you do not want to lump yourself financially with such an important topic.

Specialist scene surprising Sandbohms amazed

Businesswirt Sandbohm UBT has been among the official computer scientists in Bonn since 2016. The specialist scene was already strongly surprised over his appeal because the processes have always been people from IT or at least had to do with science such as physics or mathematics.

Once the newly developed specialist of Bundestag deputies once asked whether he is the Supreme Ministry of the Federal Interior (BMI), for example "Backdoors" also contradicting thirst, came a clear and decided yes.

But still waiting for the BSI to the BMI at its "Missing IT security strategy", so the Tech-Think Tank Foundation new responsibility, at least once contradicts. This backup was allowed to be scated in the ministry.

Dr. Jur. Judge was 2017 for its project "Asylum online" at the Federal Office for Migration and Flights (BAMF) even to "European CIO of the year" has been chosen. Today he serves, no wonder with such Meriten, no longer the BAMF, but is subject to a State Secretar directly the senior minister of the Federal Government, Horst Seehofer (71, CSU).

Presumably, he has never contradicted his current employer. Therefore, he is an appendine of the intentional succession of the Federal Government to the IT Security Act 2.0, which is currently in parliamentary advice.

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