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Why it was good if the German team was leaving early, and why she will come far

Actually, you have to wish that the German Fubball National Team already exits in the preliminary round. The goods good for the Fubball, because of Klinsmann’s facial and heartless team is not really something to expect. It was also good for Germany.

We are already world champions. Export world champion. Actually, we are already Fubball World Champion. The hearts and the coarse flap. Because the young, youthful team around Schweini and Poldi earns our entire sympathy. or? And national coach Jurgen Klinsmann has finally said: "We want to become world champion. Book until 10. July." well then. Now we just have to win the Bloden WM.

The fleet posts have already been frotted. The audience expects the victory from the national team. Somehow, the embarrassing appearances of the preparatory games despite. But with the mouth, the Germans were not only better in the Fubball, as in their deeds. Actually, however, you have to wish that the German Fubball National Team already terminates in the preliminary round. Clearly, without excuses, not because of Ballack’s knee, not because of unfair arbitrator, not because of a thrust that meets blodder post or latte. Such a leaving goods good for the German Fubball, because then one had to admit in this country, where you really stand: in the faceless Midmab, rather lower half. It was good for Germany, which was then finally able to use Fubball long as a comfort patch in the general social, economic and political crisis – no bread, so please no games.

Shopping World Cup

For as in almost all other areas, the German Fubball has been unemployment and reforming theses for years. It is not about this that in this country about everything is bad, as that you are in this country in this country is unable to really urge and reform where it is necessary. So broken and second-class, like the education system, so ailing is also the football education. Talkers are picked up from abroad, and denies them – in contrast to the French or the immigrants the Einsburger – in the league as in life. Acidious multi-tuning and competence noise does not rule alone "German Fubball Bund", Rather, the local conditions only reflect the mutually paralyzing confusion.

And the fundamental purchasability and corruption, the mercilessly driven commercialization of the Fubball World Cup driven today corresponds to the change of the Federal Republic of Germany of the corporations, to a country that sacrifices his social achievements just on the altar of globalization.

More than from all other ground goods a fresh leaving exactly because it was a fatal value: the corporations made a fat dash through the bill, mountains of world championship bombers and equal gymmicks were molded on the mullhalden, and the Germans could incidentally a few extra workouts in Look fair play and hospitality, and in sympathy for relatively inefficient schedulers, for example the Portuguese and the Hollander, or even the English, Spaniards and Argentines, who are already waiting for an international title long than Germany.

But as I said: especially the corporations and that business bosses, which hoped a thrust for the growth of the republic from a football success, had to be glamed, and only a financial disaster for the shopping World Cup will rid the sport from his siege through capitalism and efficiency thinking and to save ourselves to us at a risk of future excesses.

"Clean man"

Let’s be honest: from Klinsmann’s facial and heartless team is not really something to be expected. In lifestylemagazines you can look overter than in the square. But one remains realistic, Germany will still come far. Because few correspond to the zeitgeist better than the 1964 born Jurgen Klinsmann. Let us remember a good ten years, to the time when "Klinsi" from time to time "Clean-Man" hoop. On the one hand, a mediendarling and folk love, the idealer payer, one as a trained backer "World champion bread" bake. But just a Aalglatter Double Double Rip-off: A VW Cafer Cabrio driver with a Porsche in the garage, a Greenpeacemian member and salon linker with Bogenhausener apartment, which in love every club in front of the regular contract end.

Just like the FC Bayern, Klinsi is one who likes to be from his "own philosophy" talks, and ongoing Daruber NorGelt that in Germany "always so much gener". Klinsi is also annoyed as the national coach by his magnificent worship. All of all, he does not pay all of his foreign experiences, Nolt is that only individual interests in the foreground hours, not "team spirit" – Of course only with the others. His sooner gross opponent Lothar Matt House, who is, of course, his own agenda, has accused him: "Once he seeks peace, then he seeks the public".

Klinsmann has experience in parallel. And after the well-known model of the tournament team, the "to find the fight to the game", of the styles and shooting the playful opponent – "You should see how fast you will be disgruntled and attach." (Sepp Herberger) – of the race and party, occasional course – "German virtues" – of the lustless pavement without desire, but also without a lot, it was allowed to work thanks to home advantage this time. Anyway, until the quarterfinals.

Then is slufer. Because the German team needs an undisputed coach, and a team gift. An outstanding, among the players undisputed playmaker. Ballack is not a successor of Fritz Walter, Franz Beckenbauer and Matthias Sammer. All this is not given. It is nothing more to traces of the radical reforms contained by Klinsmann during office – "In principle you had to go apart all the shop". Allegations, letters and directions do not replace the missing deeds. The national team has hardly any world-class field players, and have not beaten no rough commercial ball nation for five years.

Not so much Ballack, Klinsmann is like Angela Merkel: from the second row against better as a profiteer of the crisis. Also with him a new style, learning from others moved in, the reform rhetoric at continuity of action. Loud, but invisible in his deeds. The consequences are to be visited from today. Or had improved anything in Deutsche Fubball since Berti Vogts?

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