Yamaha xsr 900 abarth

Yamaha xsr 900 abarth

The name Abarth is at least the Fiat fans a term for performance-enhanced cars from Turin. However, the fact that the company ground Carlo Abarth began his career in the 1920s in motorcycle racing, but were not allowed to be a lot. The alone does not yet explain why a car tuner developed together with a motorcycle brand a model. But Fiat – On which the company Abarth has been a long time – has already been a sponsor of Yamaha in the MotoGP since 2007. The fact that the Italian National Held Valentino Rossi on Yamaha denies his races, the deal will certainly not be offset to the deal.

Father Cafe Racer

Now Yamaha wanted to pull more profit even more profit and decided to spit a motorcycle together with Abarth. Actually, it would have been obvious to eliminate the 200 horsepower Superbike YZF-R1, but they decided for another model. The retrowelle now rolls through the motorcycle market for quite a while, but she still does not seem to want to tie. After the Naked Bike XSR 900 was well received with its nostalgia look at the audience last year, Yamaha wanted to further expand his Heritage series and pushes the XSR 900 Abarth Hinther. In the course of your own marketing concept "FASTER SONS", where modern models are rebuilt series-mabig on retro look, a chic bike in Cafe Racer style was created with M-handlebar, half-shell cover and stool seat. The idea of luring new customers named Abarth may seem like a daring, but at least is original.

Almost identical to the XSR 900

The Abarth-Yamaha is based, as well as the XSR 900, on the seller MT-09. Engine, frame, spring elements, raders, rockers, brakes and tank are identical to all three. Yamaha did not to touch the fabulous three-cylinder engine, because it fits well with its turntable to the sporty appearance of the XSR 900 Abarth. He makes 115 hp at 10.000 / min and precipitated with a very equal power curve. Also on the chassis geometry was not shattered. Nevertheless, the XSR 900 Abarth is very self-sufficient. How much of it was developed by Abarth, and what in Japan, Daruber is silent by Yamaha noble.

Model from the 1980s

The most striking difference to the XSR 900 is, of course, the M-handlebar, whose ends are bent downwards, as he was announced three decades ago. In order to make the XSR 900 Abarth even more sporty, they also got a small cockpit trim whose similarity with which the Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVs of 1983 is certainly no coincidence. Today, however, the half-shell consists of lightweight carbon fiber sculpture, just like Abarth underline the noble occurrence. From the same material are also the front wheel fly and the rear seat cover made.

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