Xbox exclusive games: microsoft takes bethesda-turbs

Xbox Exclusive Games: Microsoft takes Bethesda-Turbs

Zenimax Media is now on Microsoft. The supersence of the parent company of Bethesda was completed shortly after the approval of the EU regulators. Microsoft pays $ 7.5 billion for the established game developer, to the numerous profitable brands like "Elder scrolls", "fallout" and "Dome" belong. This week, Microsoft would like to add multiple games of Bethesda to his Games Abodervice Xbox Game Pass.

In a blog entry to the conclusion of the purchase, Xbox boss Phil Spencer welcomes the eight Bethesda developer studios to which Bethesda Game Studios ("Skyrim", "fallout") Also ID software ("Dome") And Arcane ("Dishonored") belong. He answers a question that burns many Switch and PlayStation players on the nails: "Some" New titles of the Bethesda studios should actually appear exclusively for the Microsoft platforms and Xbox in the future.

A surprise is not that: High-quality exclusive games are an important means for companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony an important means to attract players to their own platforms and okosystems. Also PC developers such as Valve and Epic rely on this strategy. Previous Microsoft own productions such as the gaminghen "Forza", "Fable", "Gears of War" and "Halo" are also also playable on Microsoft systems.

No immediate changes

Spencer’s formulation also means that not all artificial Bethesda games will appear exclusively for Windows and Xbox. So there is still hope that titles like "The Elder Scrolls 6" and "Starfield" be available on other platforms.

Microsoft has been buying well-known developer studios such as Ninja Theory, Obisidian and Inxile for several years. The Bethesda deal is especially ambitious due to the experienced teams and popular gaming. Curios: The Bethesda Games still under development "Ghostwire Tokyo" and "Deatloop" are prepared for prioritization between Bethesda and Sony as a PlayStation exclusive title.

Spencer emphasizes in the blog entry, the fact that Microsoft largely abandoned from the day’s business from Bethesda developer studios: Lastakers and restructurings are not planned, the individual development teams should continue to have gross freedoms. "We work on the same games as yesterday developed by the same studios and will be published by ourselves", wrote Bethesda Manager Pete Hines last September.

At Zenimax Media, a total of 2300 people work. The company is the mother’s company of the GamePublisher Bethesda Softworks, which in turn is the Bethesda Game Studios and seven other developer teams.

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