Worrying looks in the north

After the beginning of the war against Iraq, almost all governments turned to Latin America against the US campaign

Already at the beginning of this week, the poster walls were set up in the Cuban capital Havana. "No a la guerra!" Date since then colorful letters at the entrance to the old town and at other points of the Caribbean metropolis. No to war, this requirement is shared in Latin America and the Caribbean almost without contradiction. The day after the beginning of the US Army attack on the Old State of Iraq, almost all heads of state and government of the region have pronounced against the war. The Brazilian head of state Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva explained, he tried everything in his power to prevent this war. "Now I fear for the lives of innocent in our Arab brother states", he will be from the daily newspaper "O globo" quoted.

In addition to Brazil, Cuba and Venezuela are positioning itself against the war. In his speech before the 59. Assembly of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva started the Cuban Aufemister Felipe Perez Roque on Thursday an emotional appeal to the international community. "Many will surprise, but in my speech, I will not go on the conflict between the US and my country", said the diplomat. On this day, it is therefore about the UN members for unity "Against this break of the Verwererecht" call up. "Let us save the United Nations, let us enter multilateralism together."

Perez Venezuelan colleague Roy Chaderton introduced the worries of his government: "The position of the Venezuelan government to the US war against Iraq always focused on a peaceful solution. The conflict had been solved in the United Nations. …. There are no good war."

The UN Resolution 1441, recalled Chaderton, did not receive support in the Security Council, the war had never begun. An observer of the situation Konne now with FUG and law say: "If you do not stick to the international standards, why should I do that?"

The attitude of Cuba and Venezuela is not amazed, these are governments that have always been in conflict with Washington. But their opinions are quite in line with the incurred governments of Latin America. Also Mexico and Chile, both members of the UN Security Council, despite all prere from the US, until recently against a military option without the legitimacy of the UN. For both countries, there is a lot on the game, and their national economies are closely focused on cooperation with the USA. While Mexico is wrapping in three quarters of his outdoor trade with the US, Chile has been trying to be included in the free trade agreement NAFTA for quite some time.

The broad Latin American front against the US war against Iraq is entitled to ensure the consequences of the open market break by Washington. All governments in the region is the risk of a meaning of the UN clear, because the consequences of a growing dominance of the US will first be traces of the Rio Bravo. Consequently, with the Colombian government and some Central American states also only from Washington Proteged regimes for the war.

The political analysis is simple. If the Bush administration is the attack on Iraq for access to the olar resources, the natural wealth in the suds of the gross power as a nucleation are jerking. There are by no means only the Olreserven of Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. Also, the control of natural water reservoirs, precious metals and finally the simple manifest worker in the true sense of the word explosives. Without having to pay attention to diplomatic sensitivities, the former Argentine Fubballstar Diego Maradona spoke out in a television interview, which moves many people in Latin America:

"People take it when this morder (US Prassident George W. Bush) gets up to "War, war, war" to say, and people are full, on the other hand, to suck helpless. (…) Now you are in Iraq. Tomorrow intervene in Colombia, over the morning in Argentina, then in Uruguay. They just make what they want."

With tension, the political consequences are to be expected. From Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil became a starting of the "Organization of American states" required, which is traditionally under US influence. Under the prere of an amok ongoing coarse power is perhaps an agreement of the "Rest of the world" away. Regardless of the outcome of the war and the enthronization of a subsequent regime, the international community will have to worry about new mechanisms that prevent further wars against the VolkerRecht or at least complicate them.

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