World premiere byon m-byte

World premiere byon m-byte

The Chinese start-up byone brings its first car, the M byte, to Frankfurt for the IAA. It is 4.85 meters long and up to 2.6 tons hard. What more absorbed as his gross and severity: the SUV has no Protetz Kuhlerbill. But the exercise is one thing. The real sensation is its 48-inch screen. The width of 125 centimeters dear the former CEO Carsten wide field speak of a "coast to coast display". Impressive is the canvas in the dashboard on all trap.

The huge screen will go exactly in series

"We have all the problems, such as the crash behavior and the heat development," explains at the Messe Byon-Chief Technician David Twohig. This means: The huge screen will go into the series as it was seen in the study. If you look at the user guide, then you can see the Android operating system and sees problems due to the tense ratio between the US and China. David Twohig gives herself to scatter your concerns of this kind. The driving instruments are based on BlackBerry’s QNX technology and thus the pixels can be controlled directly, which helps with the minimum frame groove.

A tablet replaces most knopfs

The display is controlled via the seven inches of rough tablet (in the study there were even eight inches) in the steering wheel with wipe gestures and by printing the symbols. Driving assistants such as the cruise control are controlled by Knopfe. The interior overwear four cameras, of which a for the mortality wizard is focused on the driver and equipped with infrared technology. The steering wheel tablet also has passed the crash test in the US with the extra coarse airbag, but this could explain the somewhat reduced rough. There is no lack of tablets anyway. In the center console flat is a further one that the passenger can operate. The passengers in a quite stock have two more screens on the seats. The subject driver deflection is no one for David Twohig. "We have performed investigations and found that the distraction does not differ from other systems," says the engineer who has also worked on the Alpine A 110.

They are proud of byton also over the crash structure that makes a tunnel or a central strut over. The energy is swallowed over sister, front, roof and side elements of the chassis. A result is the coarse femoral space and the possibility to rotate the seats at an angle of ten degrees.

Doubled performance in the four-wheel drive model

In the M-byte two drive versions are available. Either rear drive with 200 kW / 272 hp or a four-wheel drive with another E-machine of 150 kW / 204 hp on the front axle, resulting in a system performance of 300 kW / 408 hp. That’s enough for the sprint from zero to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds (rear drive) or 5.5 seconds (four-wheel drive) and a highest speed of 190 km / h.

Byton M byte comes with two battery packs – either 71 or 95 kilowatt hours. The small battery creates 400 kilometers range and it should be significantly higher than 500 kilometers. The batteries are to be filled with 150 kW DC quick loaders in 35 minutes from zero to 80 percent, with alternating current are the upper KW the upper limit.

Despite these values and a torque of 700 nm, the Byton M-Byte should not be a sports car. "Who wants to set up records on the Nordschleife, should buy a different car," shows the technical chef twohig clear. At 4.85 meters long Byon SUV goes primarily for comfort. That’s so good that you do not want to change the vote if the car comes to Europe. But in the Byton Agenda, the "old continent" plays only the third violin, which is expected to be in 2020, before China and California are on it. The base price will be in Europe 53.550 euros, significantly favorable than an Audi e-tron (test).

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