World champion: ferrari scuderia spider 16m

World champion: ferrari scuderia spider 16m

Maranello (Italy), 10. November 2008 – Although Ferrari pilot and title aspirant Felipe Massa had to be conceivable to his competitor Lewis Hamilton, when the Briton was on McLaren in the last race of the Season Young Formula 1 World Champion of all time. For this, Ferrari could once again conquer the Constructor World Championship in front of his team. Reason enough for the Italian sports car forge, with the Scuderia Spider 16M a limited special series of the F430 SPIDER list. The number "16" stands for the sixteenth design title, which ferrari has achieved in the formula 1.

Faster than any other Ferrari Convertible

The open athletes should be the fastest convertible of the Ferrari history. At least the Scuderia Spider 16M on the in-house test track in Fiorano put better lap times than any other open-air-ferrari. The Scuderia Spider 16M is 80 kilograms lighter than the F430 Spider and brings it to 1340 kilograms. The V8 engine of the F430 Spider brought the engineers from 490 to 510 hp, the maximum torque amounts to 470 Newton meters. With a highest speed of 315 km / h, the Scuderia Spider 16m is at least 5 km / h faster than the series variant. In the spurt to Tempo 100 he takes the F430 Spider four tenths and requires 3.7 seconds for 3.7 seconds.

Standard version in black

The standard version is painted black and has a gray interior. Similarly, the Scuderia Spider 16M is in a tricolor variant with decorative strips in the Italian country colors. A special badge on the rear barbecue points to the constructors WM. There is also a silver badge on the air dusk in the interior that makes the limited edition of the sports car. Further differences to the F430 Spider are a surprising ball with carbon descendants as well as a new audio system. This can be combined with a Ferrari iPod with 16 GB of memory.

Limited to 499 copies

Ferrari wants to build from Scuderia Spider 16m only 499 copies. How much the exclusive clientele must invest for the open athlete is not yet known.

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