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The new business models of the economy also work in countries that do not have to submit with sophisticated sound protection regulations

For months, the Federal Government has been tinkering with a law to prevent abuse of the workforce. After all, the Cabinet members, especially Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen, "Case of abusable use" known by the previous statutory provisions or agreements of the collective bargaining partners "undoubt" be.

Opposition and trade unions, however, do not go far enough the considerations of the Federal Government. The occlusion of the so-called shooting effective effect, with the help of which pedigrees discharged and then reied as temporary workforce at worse conditions, modeled their association only the tip of the iceberg.

The current bill will continue to accelerate the reduction of stock workplaces and the expansion of the low-wage sector, Detlef Wetzel, second chairman of the IG Metal:

We need a reform of the Federal Employee Legal Act, with which the claim to equal working conditions for the same work finally realitat. The possibility of departing from this principle must be deleted from the law.

Detlef Wetzel

Only then, So Wetzel, the temporary work Konne which its origionary function – "To cover pretend personnel needs" – fulfill.

According to the state minister who prefer "temporary work" speaks, the allears precarious activities of this task, apart from regrettable exceptional cases, have already failed. In mid-December, Ursula lectured by the Leyen:

The temporary work has made the German economy more flexible and our labor market is stronger. Experience shows: In the upswing first increases the number of temporary workers. This is just a bridge in support for many low-skilled work when employers need staff to intercept job tips.

Ursula von der Leyen

Advantages for employers

The possibility, "To cover pretend personnel needs" and "To intercept order tips", That’s the a reasoning of argument that commodities of temporary work are called. In a country, which his repeatedly relaxed, but extensive rules on consumer protection as a socio and economic policy achievement, the employers are no other chance to react flexibly to the stand-up framework conditions.

In economies without such regulations, the temporary work was not allowed to play a special role, but the realitat looks different. An up-to-date study by the Institute for Labor Market and Professional Research (IAB) shows that, for example, in Danemark, the topic of workers always gain an ever gross meaning. Between 1997 and 2006, the temporary work quota has quadrupled from 0.2 to 0.8 percent and thus develops an even greater dynamics than in the EU average. Here, the international association of temporary employment agencies, which are not based on persons, but on work hours worked, between 1997 and 2008 a doubling of 1.0 to 2.0 percent.

The authors of the investigation – Elke Jahn from the research area "Work request and acquisition" in the IAB and Michael Rosholm, Professor at the Institute for Economics of the Aarhus University – states a number of significant differences in comparing the German and Danish situation. The rough majority of temporary work conditions in Danemark are protected by a collective bargaining. In addition, around 80 percent of the temporary workers are unionized and earned due to the tense labor market sometimes even more than their regular colleagues.

However, risers are planned in the rarest traps so that temporary workers had to expect it, "from today to tomorrow" to stand back on the strain. You usually have not been able to enjoy social benefits such as maternity protection regulations, vacation reinsurance or pension payments. Burdenless flexibility after the motto "Hire and Fire" is therefore high in the Danish employers.

Industry and operational human capital, stigmatization effects and information asymmetries

On the second reasoning of the argumentation are the blessings, of which the temporary workers should benefit themselves. You will be guided by a presative procurement of the way in the first labor market, the commutations swore. The IAB study speaks in the euphemistic slang of the time of the possibility, "Industry and company-specific human capital" maintain or build and build contacts with potential employers.

From time to time it should have worked, the CDU Bundestag member Peter Tauber, who is the resistance to temporary work, among other things "Positive examples" Back and a few nameless examples in the round throws.

I have friends and acquaintances who have received the instrument temporary work a fixed indefinite employment relationship. They are glad that they had this chance to re-enter the labor market. That’s why it’s right that we hold on to this labor market policy instrument.

Peter Tauber, CDU

Jahn and Rosholm refer to that in Danemark especially "Problem groups of the labor market such as immigrants and social assistance" had benefited from the temporary work. Their prospects, the unemployment to escape in the medium term or permanently, are even more favorable than those of the native workforce.

Almost all treasured effects are well above those for locals. Although it is unknown whether this group of people remains gluing during the borrower or finds a body with another employer, but it is amed that the likelihood is high than the unemployed, which would be initially influenced in open unemployment. This suggests the interpretation that temporary work is a possibility to reduce stigmatization effects or information asymmetries, the Z. B. consist of ethnic origin. Thus, temporary work seems to be a good chance to prove the true productivity.

IAB study

But the IAB researchers also score down shadow sides. For alter unemployed, there is no positive effect, and at all, unemployed on average only about five weeks are employed at a temporary employment agency. In addition, the transitional rate in a regular activity with increasing unemployment.

The industry is booming

When the economy starts, the situation had to be different, but that is obviously not the case.

The springboard function of temporary work is strongly pro-cyclic. In labor market with low unemployment rate – like the Danic – Benefit Company Temporary Work to test unemployed without obligation.

IAB study

The lane economic upswing also helps the temporary workers in Germany as little as the alleged deficiency defect or legal clarifications of the Federal Labor Court, the "Tariff community of Christian unions for temporary work and personnel service agencies" in December shortly the tanginess.

Last October was over 900.000 people as temporary workers tatig. "Our industry has a leaving year behind. Within the last twelve months, temporary work has grown by 39 percent", Volker Zutkert’s was pleased, Prasident of the Federal Association Temporary Work Personnel Services E.V.

Of same working conditions or equal payment, the temporary workers and workers in this country are still far away. "Coarsent" Offers like the youngest of CDU parliamentary Michael Fuchs use little. "After 12 months, the same time must be paid for temporary work. Otherwise it is nothing but the attempt of employers to secure cheaper leaning", The economic expert explained, who had still claimed two years ago, it was not the task of politics, "off the tariff competition".

Though, however, that his proposal has come only about 13 percent of the affected benefits. According to a IAB study published in June 2010, the half of the financial considences already within three months.

At the same time, even before Christmas even Dieter Hundt demanded vigorous maws to prevent wage dumping in temporary work – in particular after the entry into force of the new employee disability regulations in May 2011.

The Phantasy Employer Prassident looked at the horizon already a German temporary employment company, which opened a branch in Poland, then workers from Germany and this "On the basis of a Polish collective agreement with four or five euro hourly wage" reinsell again in Germany.

Learn from Danemark ..

"Which implications result for Germany?", asks the Danemark study of the IAB and summarizes the advantages that come into the last chapter for companies from the workers, especially in times of economic consolidation, together again.

If the labor market is tense and meetings with companies with open places only a few applications, use temporary employment agencies to recruit suitable unemployed. The latter have just in tense labor market – if the assessment of the skills and knowledge of persons remaining in the unemployment pool is more expensive – lower settings. If the temporary worker turns out to be suitable for the customer company, he will be reached directly. In this way, a company can reduce not only adjustment costs, but also avoid negative reputation effects that arise when they released a formerly unemployed.

IAB study

Jahn and Rosholm currently see striking parallels between the development in the German and Danish labor market. The local unemployment rate move towards the comparatively low level of the northern neighbors, overbone companies in both countries on the difficulty, "Open vacancies with suitable applicants to occupy". Therefore, it was by no means eliminated that German employers use the temporary work still stronger than before, "To acquire suitable candidates from the pool of remaining unemployed and reduce setting costs".

Then the previously often could only suspect "Springboard function from temporary work stronger to carry". However, this amption is certainly by no means.

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