With the explosive filled printed top are weapons of mass destruction

The US Department of Justice raised indictment against the seriously injured intimidate Boston attack

After all, the US government resists the under George W. Bush after 9/11 introduced temptation, the surviving muteading Boston attack at a "enemy camphor" to explain. This was demanded by some Republicans as a reflex to undermine the US legal system by a voluntary justification for all boses. But the Ministry of Justice grabbed in the charge and accused him to have used the weapons of mass destruction in the form of a print pot filled with explosives.

Dschochar Zarnajew in his hiding place, recorded with a hot picture camera of a police helicopter. Image: Massachusetts State Police

The 19-year-old Dscharl Zarnajev, which is seriously injured in the hospital, is US burger and therefore also entitles a fair procedure in a democratic constitutional state. However, the Bush government had allowed US State Burger as "enemy camphor" and to refuse to give them a decent legal proceedings (USA: The war is stranded in the war). And when US Burger stop abroad and be classified as a terrorist, they are no longer trapped and tortured under the Prasside of Obama, but by drones and without any legal proceedings, as in 2011 Anwar Al-Maliki and his son 2011 in Yemen has been fulfilled (we thirsty dead who we hold for dangerous).

Dschochar Zarnajew should therefore now be sentenced to a rule of law. He threatens the death penalty. He is accused, along with his dead brother Tamerlan the two bombs, referred to as weapons of mass destruction, placed in Boston. 3 people have died and more than 200 were injured. Attorney General Eric Holder celebrated the services of the safety force and the watchful public. Had been demonstrated that those, "attack the innocent Americans and try to terrorize our bads that do not escape righteousness". For the death of the co-policeman Sean Collier he (yet) is not responsible.

According to reports, Dschochar had communicated in writing with police officers in the hospital, but Holder did not want to inform the content of the content. In the indictment, pictures of the surveillance cameras are pointed out on which the two brother can be seen. Dschochar has parked his backpack and then went away after the first explosion of it. 10 seconds later, the second explosion is done where he had his backpack. Then, after the publication of the video images, the two had kidnapped a person in a vehicle and were finally involved in a sliding company with the safety faith in Watertown, at the Tamerlan died. The cured Dschochar should run over his brother by car and then hid hidden in a boat. With firing wounds in the head, neck and in the legs, he was arrested, his passes identified him.

Unexpliced is still whether the two brother traded alone. Tamerlan had already been reviewed by the FBI because of suspicion of terrorist connections, but one had nothing to find every suspicious. Allegedly, he should have radicalized on a journey in Russia last year. You suspect he met Chechen rebels in Dagestan. The Islamists in Chechnya and Dagestan, however, reject any connection with the broods and the Boston attack and claim all this is a consorting of American and Russian intelligence services. Explaining the Islamists in Dagestan, they were not against the US, but against Russia. You have also not attacked civilians,

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