Anyone who has a roadster, a motorcycle or a sports car that does not use is the grin, who knows the concept of "Winter": The unloved second vehicle that has to bear salt, rain, maintenance and november depression, while the beloved drive vehicle under a cuddly soft tarpaulin winter sleep. The specifications of the Winterhure coincides coarse with that of the car for a family looking for a lot of function for little money and no emotional tie with one and a half tons of metal. Therefore, here for a broad build-up layer a suitable autumnal winter hurp consultation, opened on the example Kia Ceed Sportswagon.

The Hyundai Kia Group perhaps best, but certainly most prominently, what Sudkoreas’s auto industry in Europe. When the Ceed is standing in front of a handler or lies in a stapler before, there is no reason to buy something like that. On the contrary. No wonder Opel and Peugeot have problems when they compete with something. Exactly these two are also typical winter manufacturers. A static salted, stepped car must not be at heart rain. That does not do that the Kia. Instead, he stimulates at the German soul that came to technically well-implemented solutions. As a German, I might complain about the form, but that can only do half-heartedly: "At some point, these Koreans will learn that I did not like my arm on my coffee and the jerky camera shoots too fast with rain." But in the Astra there is about ergonomics to complain about complain and we do not want to talk about the problem area Peugeot, but would have to do that separately soon.

Foam from the Blatterwald

Occasionally, I read with the same high portions of unbrips and fascination car magazines. In which once was that Kia the "emotional brand" of the Hyundai Kia Group. For the gland for this purchase advice is the quark. There is no emotional difference between a Ceed and an i30 for a Europe. Both scrape through benefit instead of marketing. In Ceed Sportswagon (German: "Ceed Combi") For example, there is a lashing system with pack rails, a packing net sloping behind the front seats and the Ruckbank does not only turn flat around, but is also completely disassembled crushed arm because the fittings are accessible to a handle.

Motors: Yes, there is. Power: No, there is not. But you do not need. The version with 135 hp (1.6 GDI) has been done, for example, with an on / off switch for full throttle, because the engine builds pure over speed. He is therefore wonderfully elastic. For this purpose, Kia extends a buttery hand switching gear. In principle, you can save almost 2000 euros and take the 1.4-liter engine with 100 hp, which also offers no worker performance for less money. Suspension: Dafur do you have the summer car. The Ceed Combi rolls comfortably, but does not like curves especially, another plus: the best winter turfs have landscapes that can be used quickly in an entertaining way. This helps to look forward to the summer, but this is also good for EGO. The summer vehicle says yes static: "That’s all you have to offer? low card." The Winterhure can be exactly that sentence finally pour myself.

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