Winter tires – in time on winter tires surrounded

Winter tires - in time on winter tires surrounded

Stuttgart, 31. October 2008 – "For motor vehicles, the equipment must be adapted to the weather conditions. For this purpose, in particular, a suitable tires and antifreeze in the windscreen wiper system, "it has been called since May 2006 in the German Strain Tracking Regulations. Although there is no legal obligation to take up winter tires in winter, but in case of disability due to false tires threatens bub money, in the case of an accident even far more Argger. Interestingly, there are hardly any mistakes about such trap, but that could also be due to the mild winters of the last two years. To avoid problems with Flensburg, the insurance or the courts, the timely recovery is recommended on winter tires. If you wait until the first snowfall, makes it unnotically difficult, because the snow rarely comes to order. A spontaneous tire change usually fails to the then superfilled workshops. Winter tires are already advised at low temperatures from seven degrees, says society for technical monitoring (GTU) in accordance with most tire manufacturers.

Winter tires have more grip

Also lay leased that the typical winter citizenships such as wet, ice-smooth and snow require a special profile. However, it is often understood that the rubber compounds are also tuned to different temperatures, so that even in dry strain of winter tires in the cold season, the better choice is usually. Summer tires are designed at temperatures between 10 to 40 degrees. Below about seven degrees they prevail and offer a much worse liability. Winter tires remain thanks to their higher cold-applied silica or natural rubber content at cold softer and elastic. So you can adapt to the road surface better and have more grip, the GTU elicited. The temperature optimum of winter tires is between minus 20 and plus 10 degrees.

Until today, the question is not final clarified, whether summer tires may be the better choice in winter, as long as the road is dry. In an article of the star From 2005 it was reported that driving experiments had shown on an airfield in the Eifel surprising: the summer tire has trimmed significantly better at temperatures between about 4 and 6 degrees than the winter tire.

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