Winter tires in the test

Winter tires in the test

The days are briefly, the night lane Kuhler: Allerspat at least it will take time to worry about winter tires. In the coming weeks, the dates in the workshops becomes scarce and the opportunities on a special offer in winter tires lower. ACE, ADAC and GTU have tested winter tires in three different dimensions. The Gross 175/65 R14, 175/65 R15 and 205/55 R16 were included. We have considered the results of this exit more closely.

A question of priorities

The ADAC records seven individual criteria that it grades. Needlessly, not all are equally weighted: the chapter Guts only 5 percent in the overall assessment. A total of 75 percent make the individual notes of the driving characteristics at wetest (30 percent), dry (15), snowmart (20) and in a lane (10) road. The price will not be valued at the ADAC.

The company for technical monitoring (GTU) and the Auto Club Europa (ACE) go differently in your test. Instead of notes, a total of 260 points in 15 individual criteria are awarded here. The best in the test reach around 200 points. Parallel you love three year-round tires.

The result

In all three coarse wins the Winter Contact TS 860 from Continental. In no criterion, this mature seems to have real weak. Everywhere, where he is not at the top in the individual chapters, he plays ahead. However, Conti is also very well paying. Already at the tires for small cars are between the winner of Conti and the certainly not bad Firestone Winterhawk 3 in place 3 proud 76 euros per sentence. With wet and snow he can not keep up with Dunlop and Conti, on dry roads he is even a little better. Sprit consumption and waste are impeccable.

In the dimension 205/55 R16, the difference between Conti and the fourth-placed adhesive Krisalp HP3 is already 132 euros. For this, the glue reaches the adac on wet only the note 2.6, which is slightly below the best tires. In all other disciplines he can keep loose with the three best tires in the test.

The results of GTU and ACE show another picture. Really clearly favorable than the best in the test is only the Kumho Wintercraft WP51, which lands in total in 5th. Between him and the winner of Conti are 80 euros, for Zweitplatzieren Nokian WR D4 there are still around 50 euros. The kumho is in no criterion dramatically worse, he always loses a little bit of all the points.

Savings potential

A look into the details shows a significant savings potential in some places. After all, who is traveling only occasionally and then geraumten streets, does not need a tire that shines with top marks on snow. Flipped applies of course also means that in the mountains, a below-average talented winter tires a bad companion is.

The three all-season tires have a different interpretation. Nokian Weatherproof and Continental All Season Contact are on snow very good to have on dry pavement but clearly Longer stopping distances than good summer tires. Michelin Cross Climate + convinced in the summer, is for a winter holiday in the Alps but not the ideal companion to the testers, the GTU.

All year’s tires have become increasingly popular in recent years, even if they are still just a compromise. The increased demand is no wonder, because now you save yourself with you not only a second set of rims, but – depending on the vehicle – also the sensors that monitor the tire prere. At least partially, they are already in the money: about 100 euros are at least.

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