Winter tire duties in europe

Winter tire duties in europe

Munchen, 6. November 2012 – The winter tires are ruled differently in Europe. Like every year, the ADAC informs what to look for if you look at other countries.

Spongy regulations in Austria and Switzerland

In Austria there is no general winter tire. But: Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes Allowed total weight must be erupted with winter tires during winter strain ratios. But there are also snow chains at the drive racks allowed as soon as the threads are covered by snow and ice. the "Situation-dependent winter tire", To call it this way, the 1. November to 15. April. In view of the Alpine Republic of typical climatic conditions, you should not better drive in Austria during this time without winter tires. The scheme is a little spongy, but in the enforcement of traffic offenses our neighbors usually have clear ideas. Also in Switzerland there is no general winter tire obligation, which is exactly where there is no clear regulation, after which one could judge. If you hinder the traffic with summer tires or builds an accident, this can have serious consequences. The driver threatens high bubbles and a significant commitment in the damage regulation. So here too: Do not risk anything, raise winter tires.

Stretch-related duty in France and Italy

Italy introduces for many routes from November to April of the following year generally winter tires. Especially in the provinces of Milan and Sudtirol should be paid to appropriate signs. The obligation can also be pronounced short-term – as well as in France -. Also in Luxembourg Music driver must have since 1. October 2012 on ice, snowmat and snow with winter or all-year tires.

Strict rules in the Czech Republic and Slovenia

In the Czech Republic is between the 1. November and the 31. Marz on all strain a winter tire. Slovenia writes the use between the 15. November and the 15. Marz and generally in winter strains.

There is no regulation in the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Ireland and Great Britain. For own security advice of the ADAC motorists, winter or year-round tires.

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