Wine: land rover defender vineyard

Wine: land rover defender vineyard

Turin (Italy), 2. May 2011 – The aura of an autumn vineyard is supposed to turn him, the Land Rover Defender Vineyard. The Italian conversion specialist Fuoriserie Torino has designed a very special railing wagon in his studios according to customer requirements. Now the vehicle is ready.

In the vinehouses design

Ordered the special Land Rover Defender 90 The Manager Sandra Vezza, who with the car your project "Winery Under Construction" Drive in Barolo. It is all about it all the fact that the Landy fuses optically with the vineyard and that the car fits in the landscape of the region. Thus designer Andrea Compagnone designed for the Defender a kind of camouflage dress made of different colored wineblars – also pink is there. It was very important to him that the color mixture of the autumn vine ion in nature corresponds to the vehicle. The painting work was extremely elaborate according to Fuoriserie Torino: Four passages were notign – for each wine-leaf color of one.

Finishing with teak wood

Fuoriserie torino refines the Defender with weatherproof teak wood as further upgrade loss. Finally, wood has a lot of nature and viticulture. So there is on the side swells and on the front feet of wood. Even the reser wheel on the rear is under a cover that looks like they had cut the Italians from the ground of a yacht. Fuoriserie Torino attaches importance to the fact that all wooden parts are manufactured by hand. The functional defender interior wanted to leave the client largely untouched. Only the seat belts exist now from Alcantara. The Land Rover Defender Vineyard is a single piece, the price did not betray the Italians on request. For the gamed model with 122 hp diesel requires Land Rover at least 27.800 euros.

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