Will the m1 hommage realitat?

Will the m1 hommage realitat?

Munchen, 29. September 2008 – Albert Biermann is development chief at BMW M GmbH. He has put on the X6 with the rader and has now been accompanied by new projects. As part of the M-Power World Meeting (WWW.M-Power.Com) Love Biermann a little in his cards. We received some unprecedented information on the future of the M-cars.


The opinion of the hardcore M fans is clear: they want a new CSL model. CSL stands for "Coupe Sport Lightweight". At the last M3 CSL, a slightly strong engine was added to the lighter body. But here we will wait even further – BMW estimates the sales opportunities for an expensive light model at the moment as too low. And it became expensive: "The carbon tree does not grow in the sky.", Says Albert Biermann smirking with regard to the increased price of this light material. The fan does not care, he wants an image model. Biermann: "How had to represent business administration."At the current hard competition, the manufacturers have to make money with every series of production, not with almost everyone.


We will not get an M7. Since it goes to the M-philosophy, the cars not only more stronger but also significantly easier and more agile to make a huge financial effort synonymous. In addition, BMW works closely with the Tuner Alpina – and has the Alpina B7, which there is also in the long version, a performance-enhanced 7er in the program. After all, in the B7 500 hp from the 4.4-liter engine come.

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