Wild change: new warning systems in the test

In the weeks after the time change, which this year on the 27th. October, commuters have to reckon with frequent wild change. Because from one day to the other fear traffic falls into the formation. "So if exactly when many wild animals are on the way," says Andreas Kinser from the German Wild Animal Foundation. The animals use the protection of the breaking darkness to look for food on the harvested fields or on the forest floor and cross transport routes. This does not affect field paths, but also circular and federal hubs.

In some places, blue reflectors are visible to the lead posts, which are intended to scare wildlife from spotlights. Another approach have new warning systems that are to be used in the next few months among others on test tracks in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. There are small crests to the lead posts using infrared technology wildlife within 30 meters and warn motorists with flashing light. "Man knows exactly that animals are on the strain," says Kinser. If it does not blink, threatens no danger.

Just do not dodge

In particular, where signs indicate wild change, the following is: FUB from the gas and to be predictive and brake. An important tip calls the TUV Rheinland: Do not avoid daring if suddenly an animal appears on the strain. A summary was often not as dangerous as a collision with the oncoming traffic or a tree. Strong brakes and holding the steering wheel is the correct reaction.

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