When john kerry in vietnam war on the speedboat

In the US Prassidal election campaign, in addition to other spins, the Vietnam war with coarse participation of the media is highly cooked – just a computer game promises clarification in the style of the info or warbornment

During the distance, sometimes can hardly understand what is excavated in the American Prassidal election campaign to harm the respective opponent. The Vietnam war also plays an important Rollei, finally, with regard to the Iraq war and the global war against terrorism about the occupation of the upper command of the only superpower. It is clear that George Bush has remained thanks to good relations in the United States, while Kerry actively participated in the war and then switched to the camp of the war opponents.

When John Kerry in Vietnam war on the speedboat

The young Kerry in the computer game: "John Kerry and the Men of Swift Boat PCF-94"

The starting position is for the opposite war lord Bush, who has made the US into a war, now comparing some again with the Vietnam war, rather bad, since he himself has no experience and must deal with the reproach, before the War printed. Located there the news that documents presented by the TV channel CBS as evidence of printing preservation of Bush as a National Gardist, exposed to bad falsification. That can now exploit the Bush campaign so as to get the true accusation of media from attention.

Similar dubios, for example, the veteran group acted "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" With its coarse part, the campaign against Kerry’s time in Vietnam as a Capitan of a fast ship and the warning criticism of war. Kerry had tried to points that not only bush-close, but also by persons supported by the Bush campaign group initiated first of all the legalism of the Kerry medals for his wars and then switched to a daggering.

The fact that the election campaign is carried at such dividers, although urgent questions are due, is not unusual for the US, where the mostly comprehensible scandals-oriented media preferably highlight such quota-familiar and emotionally loaded topics. Of the "Spin", The tolerated by the political power to find and influence the attention of the media and thus the publicity and influence has probably since the takeoff of George W. Bush reached a new dimension just in times of war and terror.

Against the exchanges and stagings of all political camps, the website Spin Sanity is addressing the motto: "Countering rhetoric with Reason". That sounds like necessary appreciation, which was probably allowed to stay on lost posts. The operators of the 2001 founded in 2001, but only recently known website, the young Politologists Ben Fritz, Bryan Keefer and Brendan Nyhan, of course, promote them for their just published book: "All the President’s spin. George W. Bush, The Media and the TRUTH". And little modest designate your website: "The Nation’s Leading Watchdog of Manipulative Political Rhetoric."

When John Kerry in Vietnam war on the speedboat

A camphor of Al-Sadr’s Mahdi army in the computer game "Battle for Mosul

Please also seek attention, prominence and money, which was already the case during the classic declaration of the case, but it is just as accurate for spin, so the strategic careful of ies. First and foremost around the business, the new computer game company Kuma Reality Games (the "Heavy-point" the war once again as a computer game. From October, the company, which has set itself the goal, offers the war or. Infotainment in succession of the Pentagon game "America’s Army" to continue a stucco to continue a game where you can imagine important, allegedly realistic-designed struggle in Afghanistan and Iraq. Partly the missions are already available online.

"Kuma \ was: The War on Terror" For example, struggle in the context of "Operation Anaconda" or those in Samarra, Mosul, Falludschah or Sadr-City and makes it clear from the title that one follows the spin of the Bush government and the Iraq war under the war against terrorism. That’s how it works in Mosul against "Terrorists connected to Al Qaeda". Re-playing, however, once the hussein son was killed, but the reproduction of the tried hostage liberation from the American Embassy in Iran has also been lost here, which is done in 1980 – or do you want to tune the players already on a new venue?

When John Kerry in Vietnam war on the speedboat

On Kerry speedboat 1969 in the Mekong Delta

It is promised that everyone is through the unprecedented realism "A recognition of the bravery of our men and women in the crowds gives how no other media format can offer". For the game, which was designed with the help of militarizerators, there is then still background information and a video for introduction. Kuma wants to play a game with the title "John Kerry and the Men of Swift Boat PCF-94" bringing to the market that it should allow to play the events, for the Kerry in 1969 the Silver Star, the second highest war award, has received.

The game will take the role of John Kerry, which leads three quick boats into the shell of Vietcongs in the Mekong Delta. Do not turn around in the game, you have to attack the enemy so as not to be killed. Keith Harper von Kuma Reality Games promises to understand with the game itself what has happened when Kerry has commanded the quick boats.

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