Whatsapp on desktop can make voice and video calls

Whatsapp on desktop can make voice and video calls

WhatsApp allows users to make voice and video calls in the future even on the PC. So far only messages can be sent. The calls are end-to-end encrypted, like all communication via the Facebook subsidiary and of course free of charge.

Desktop app also allows vertical and horizontal screens, interlocutors appear in a separate window that users can adjust to their screen size. This remains in the foreground.

To make a call via the desktop app, you first have to install it and connect it to your mobile device. For security, this can also be done via biometric authentication, i.e. fingerprint or facial recognition. WhatsApp says it can’t access it. If the desktop app is running, the calls can be started just as easily as in the mobile version with a click on the Horers icon.

1:1 calls with WhatsApp

First of all, we are talking exclusively about voice and video calls between two participants. "We start with personal calls in the WhatsApp desktop app to ensure we can offer you a reliable, high-quality experience", it says in the blog post. Group calls have been possible since last year, at least on mobile phones; they are limited to eight call partners and are also end-to-end encrypted. They are also to follow on the desktop – it is unclear when it will be so far.

First users can now make phone calls via the desktop app, others have to be patient – the function will be made available worldwide in the course of the next week. The function should soon also come for macOS devices.

Messenger Signal already offers end-to-end encrypted group calls, as does Zoom and soon Teams.

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