What are other manufacturers of volvo’s speedimit

What are other manufacturers of volvo's speedimit

Volvo boss Håkan Samuelsson is a man of quiet Tone. Even if you only have half a meter away from the friendly scandinavian, you have to go exactly to understand what he says. His statements are quite interesting.

Under the somewhat Reiberian title "Volvo sets strong sign against fast driving" the Swedish car maker merged that from 2020 he was restricted the highest speed of his cars to 180 km / h. Finally, it is the vision of the company that from 2020 no one would have to be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo and the company’s accident research has shown that too fast driving has a particularly negative impact on traffic safety.

Useful at Volvo’s alignment

For Volvo, this statement results from several ways. Finally, the Sweden has been maintaining their image as a security-conscious car manufacturer for decades and see their future in the electromobility. Current cars suck their batteries much faster with increasing speed. In addition, especially sporty vehicles never to the core competencies of the Sweden. Volvo has been installing in its models for some time only three- and four-cylinder engines with 1.5 and two liters displacement. From the former R-sports models one has already adopted years as well as eight-cylinder engines, which had last yamaha had delivered.

If you ask for other manufacturers, there are quite different views. VW refers to the data collection of accident research, which states that not high speed is the accident balance, but not adapted speed. Also a general speed limit was not preventing most unfalls by unanimated speed. "Instead of a flat-rate speed limit, in our opinion, Tempolimits should be applied targeted and situationally adapted, for example, to demonstrably particularly accurate route sections or temporar with appropriate weather conditions or high traffic volumes," says Europe’s most of the car manufacturers.

The German manufacturers give themselves diplomatic

Interesting Tone Hort Man from Stuttgart-Unterturkheim. In Mercedes, the development effort was significantly decreased after a high-ranking technician if you no longer have to make the cars fully loaded. For the competition from Munchen no topic: "A tempolimit would be the wrong signal. In addition, you still have to make the brake so stable that a ride from a mountain pass is possible. So this is not a rough economic control lever."This reasoning is comprehensible from the point of view of Munchner, just like the" joy of driving "is in the center of the BMW brand negative.

PSA boss Carlos Tavares said the industry magazine Automotive week: "I believe as a burger of this region that a strong Europe is the diversitat and the creativity created by freedom". That sounds a bit after "free trip for free burgers": 1974 accompanied the slogan "Free Burgers demand free ride" a campaign of the ADAC against a tempo 100 coarse test on the highways of the FRG, which was carried out in November 1973 because of the Olcr II.

Then Tavares still attaches: "You can wonder if this decision could be due to the fact that the products can not be certain things."This is now strikingly impractical, because Tavares woman self-resistant that Volvo could, but just not liked.

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