Weltbild opens online video store for movies

Weltbild opens online video store for movies

Mail order company Weltbild has launched its own online video store for streaming feature films. The offer of the "Weltbild online video store" According to the provider, includes more than 1000 movies that can be rented and streamed at least partially in HD. For many films, there is a choice between German and English language output.

The "Weltbild online video store" will be based on the Pantaflix service, both technically and in terms of content. In a press release, Weltbild writes that Pantaflix has a "tailor-made solution" The company is responsible for the technology, operation and customer support of the new Weltbild portal, as well as the content.

What differences there are between the offer of Pantaflix and that of Weltbild is not clear from the press release. Users can also rent movies from Pantaflix, but there seems to be no price difference. Weltbild writes in a press release that its own film offerings are selected by a program editorial team according to the needs of Weltbild’s target group.

No purchase option

The Pantaflix and Weltbild services are generally free of charge. Users must register, but do not pay a fee. Instead, they pay for the movies they want to watch. Like Amazon Prime, you can rent movies digitally and watch them for 30 days afterward. Weltbild does not offer a permanent purchase option.

The main competitor for the Weltbild offer is Amazon. In a short sample, the rental prices between Amazon and the Weltbild online video store were mostly identical: For "Guardians of the Galaxy" you pay 4 euros each, for "Inception" 4 euros. For the movie "Joker" Weltbild charges 6 euros for a video from last year, while it can be rented from Amazon for 2 euros. The Weltbild offer works in the web browser and in the Android app provided. Movies can also be downloaded and watched offline in the app.

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