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How to Look Like Kenny Rogers or: Globalization of the identities

The Globalization Machine Internet makes people to the orness worldburger. It is called. Grab him from his cultural constitution and catapults him into a stage of the non-identity, in which his entire socialization is only a collection of unpacking knowledge. And sometime, the point is reached at which the Bookmark collection in his browser is then the last significant link that still relates to such a real wealth of experience and thus make a biographical calculation. Transition succeeded, Tabula Rasa. The cultural man as a poor pig.

That’s all all nonsense. On the contrary: the Internet colonizes the transnational subject, the postmodern existence par excellence, in all new forms of organization, which are now something of up-to-date, that we do not worry about time-making self-realization strategies under the conditions of the network first Need: Flat hierarchies in newsgroups, basic democratic structures on sites such as Z. B. Indymedia, Intrastructural Disclosure in Open Source Networks etc..

Received on the Internet "Global Citizen" suddenly free frosting violence over his "General Preferences", On the basis of which he can indulge in virtual all the subconscious desires and other subjectivist debuting, which must be returned in true life into the conditioned vesting of his body. Everything becomes possible! Express yourself! Be a web community! Just Be!

An enclave of the marginalized is the virtual Kenny-Rogers country, too

Find at www.MenwholookliqueKennyRogers.COM /. The name has a programmatic character. At first glance, it seems to be one of these inconvenient fan / fun sites that today circulate bored web designer with poor order situation in the network today. This is not wrong too. "www.MenwholookliqueKennyRogers.COM /" is the relic of an originally planned art project, which had to be realized as a website for lack of time.

A model Kenny from WWW.MenwholookliqueKennyRogers.com

Your initiator Jaimie Muehlhausen is a full-time web designer, which one shows his site. It is extremely structured, only equipped with the most significantly visual gimmick and never loses its object from the focus: Kenny Rogers, the "KING OF COUNTRY POP", The female-haired icon of America’s most American cultural achievements, a real "Lady’s gentleman" and, so to speak, the ideal typical torment of the "All American Male".

"Have not noticed that a lot of manner appears from a certain age look like the country superstar kenny rogers?" Is the incoming question on WWW.MenwholookliqueKennyRogers.com. Here they are all gathered, over 450 total, the "Horny Kenny", the "Red Cheek Kenny", "Father in Law Kenny", "Punch Myself Kenny" Etc. – And every day three to four new ones are added.

More Variation Kenny

The category "Kenny Spotting Tips" shows: The Kenny Rogers type is a universalist, he is at home and everywhere: on the sliding stand, in bars, horse racing, in the church… On Kenny Rogers concerts. This bulleted weave brown, the prepread-climbed ice-gray beard over a well-kept high sunburn, framed by a flowing neck whip are his trademark, at the same time the significant of a new supra identity, which largely leveled the regional-specific by biodiversity of the Kenny-Rogersphanium Has.

Everyone may be part of this quasi-communist, at least but smamphouse-like community, requires just a lot of fantasy and good will. Parameters such as authenticity or ethnicity have lost all meaning. In the Kenny Rogers gallery you can find the "Canadian Politician Kenny", the "Turban Kenny" (Bin Kenny?To), "Spain Kenny" and "Middle Eastern Kenny".

The separate subjects have found a new form of society. Kenny Rogers had driven the globalization of the Country from the 70s by the insubference with SOFTROCK and POP elements, today the Adepten for the globalization of Kenny Rogers ensure the globalization of Kenny Rogers. And finally it was Rogers himself, who in 1983 on the side of Dolly Parton, also a supra identity of the perfect artificiality of an Atavar model, the song of the "Islands in The Stream" sang? The utopian enclaves in eternal (data) electricity…

Pirate kenny

A ramble through the picture gallery of the cloned also shows a degeneration effect on the new, virtual gene material. In the compliant mass of the Kenny clones, the first mutations can already be made, which are the pure image of self-stilization states. Not all clones reach the perfection of their original. Expeme deviations from the starting material, however, are a calculated risk of such anti-hierarchical societies. The requirement for a social and cultural context in the world of unleashed structural principles makes these places of gathering up necessary.

Mutations are the crucial determinants here "REALIZATION" of the largely homogeneous ensemble. Such little quirks must probably make every Supra identity. welcome to "Kenny-Land".

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