Wardenburg introduces trecker toll

Farmers must take deep into their pocket for their heavy machines on weight-restrained straws in the municipality of Wardenburg in the district of Oldenburg from January. The additional signs "Agricultural traffic free" are degraded. Affected are around 70 economic trails in the municipality of around 150 kilometers, said the head of the Office for Economics, Building and Environment, Frank Speckmann. The strain use fee for the year costs per vehicle depending on the weight class between 192 and 767 euros.

The municipal council decided the emotion "with rough majority", said CDU-Council member Arnim Kopke. "It’s a pure equal treatment. All heavy vehicles must pay on weight-written strain."Every mole car or building material supplier already needed today an exemption for these strain.

The decision is first applicable for two years. The money thus taken should be used primarily for the rehabilitation of the partly david straws, said Speckmann. "It’s not about the financing of the community balance."As a matter of principle, any municipality is state-of-the-art maintenance of its economic trails. In times of scarce cash registers there are many places a renovation jam.

The farmers feel the new stop after statements of the Landfolk district chairman Jurgen Seeger as "unfair". Farmers had made a lot of proposals like a high property tax or supplementary fee for all European grounds. "That’s all refused," said Seeger. Yet the mood with the farmers but quiet.

The entertainment of the municipal souls alone costs the municipality according to Speckmann in an average of 100 000 euros, unalleved renovations. And the straws are not suitable for the heavy agricultural vehicles. "If the thick corn vehicles can be moved, you can take pictures of how the straws broke down," said Council member Kopke.

The agricultural enterprises in the region have now received an application form from the community. It must be registered for each tractor, tractor or tractor license plate and a total weight. Farmers with a comprehensive fleet come to a four-digit year.

Speckmann ames that every legally compliant behavior and the onset will be backed by the beginning of January. The idea is a plaque for the vehicles. So love the payment is easier to control, said Speckmann. The planning for DAFUR is not yet completed.

There are other financing models in Lower Sachsian communities. Since 2007, the municipality of Schiffdorf (Cuxhaven) has been the Wesermunde Wesermunde Wesermunde Wesermunde. Members are the smaller communities concentrated to ship village as well as the owners of the primary prudents in the area, which pay all contributions. In a territory in the district of Wesermarsch, there is the draft management of Mooriem-Ohmstedter Sielacht, who has introduced a use and trading order for economic trails years ago. For the farmers there is a forced membership.

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