Vws legal risks after the billion comparison

The comparison in the exhaust scandal only seems to be a matter of form, but the Affare will continue to pursue Volkswagen in the US. Even if the state judge Charles Breyer after hearing today at 17.00 clock MESZ The final consent to the compromise with US plague could give goods the case not yet. Where lurk further pitfalls and what are the big risks? The most important questions and answers:

What about the court’s hearing?

Richter Breyer wants to announce whether he terminates the compromise negotiated between Volkswagen and US civilians for the settlement of the legal dispute. Before that, he wants to find out again comprehensively from the dispute parties. The agenda of appeals suggest that this could take a few hours. The decision was allowed either directly afterwards or in the next few days. VW had misleaded with embarrassed customers as well as US resists on a comparative payment of up to $ 14.7 billion (13.4 billion euros). Father, the sum due to participation with prosecutors and car dealers to $ 16.5 billion.

The fact that Breyer will approve the most expensive comparison in the automotive history so far is considered very likely. The judge had already classified the compulsory offer of the Group months ago as fair and appropriate. The final decision is above all about whether the offer also finds the hundreds of thousands of affected diesel owners. High acceptance quotas have already shown that that is the case.

Why is the exhaust scandal in the US not forced?

At the unification achieved so far, it is around 475.000 Volkswagen with smaller two-liter diesel engines. At about 85.000 Cars with three-liter diesel of the daughter Audi, one continues to handle the US residents for a solution. Until the next hearing on the 3. In November, Breyer wants to see concrete proposals, as these, according to US regulators, also with illegal software for exhaust control can be put into a legally compliant state.

Doctors ‘engineers’ engineers for months – so far in vain. If a technical recovery is not possible, Volkswagen could be forced to offer customers as with the two-liter models backpacking. Since the coarse cars are sometimes expensive luxury models of the upper-class subsidiary Audi and Porsche, that was allowed to go into the money again. In addition, the case could also lead to new tensions, as engine developer Audi has recovered the exchanger rugs of US resists so far.

What is there for legal construction sites in the US?

Shortly after VW had achieved the first basic agreement in the mass lawsuit, a series of states already laid down with new complaints. Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Washington and Pennsylvania want to account for the Group for violation of environmental laws. Volkswagen also strives for a comparison, spat at the age of 1. November should begin negotiations. Other US states can still follow the complaints, then it was even more expensive.

But the large fire stove for Volkswagen were allowed to represent the criminal investigation of the US judiciary. After the initial engineer involved in the scandal involved in the scandal in the course of a criminal complex and has promised cooperation with the US resist, remains to be seen who the long-term employee is still burdened. The US Department of Justice Prompresses which punishment could enable the Group for criminal offense, the Financial Service Bloomberg reported a few weeks ago, citing insiders. Volkswagen and the ministry did not want to go on.

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